civic engagement

Civic Engagement 

Political Science's Civic Engagement concentration prepares students to become engaged in many aspects of civic life, enabling them to be advocates and responsible participants in public discourse and debate.  Students are immersed politics, contemporary history, communication, and public policy.  Their learning is set against a background of the integration of cultures, markets and policy challenges that cut across the boundaries of nation states. 

The challenging interdisciplinary curriculum is both intellectually stimulating and career-oriented, engaging students in collaborative learning.  Completion of the Civic Engagement curriculum prepares students for careers as journalists, communications specialists, political campaign organizers, non profit and NGO entrepreneurs, policy analysts, and other cutting edge careers that harness and coordinate the aspirations of people to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


(48 credits)

  •  Any two courses - Communication sequence (8 credits)

        ____Comm 200 Communication Across Cultures

        ____Comm 201 Media Across Cultures

        ____Comm 202 Introduction to Media & Popular Culture

        ____Comm 210 Public Speaking

        ____Comm 225 Small Group Communication


  • History sequence (4 credits)

         ____HST 251 American History & Life


Upper Division - Electives

  • Any three courses - Communication sequence (12 credits)

        ____Comm 310 Advanced Public Speaking

        ____Comm 330 Interviewing & Listening

        ____Comm 332 Discourse analysis of Social Problems

        ____Comm 343 Argumentation, Debate, & Critical Thinking

        ____Comm 355 Communication, Culture, & Conflict

        ____Comm 363 Documentary Film Theory & Production

        ____Comm 412 Evaluation of Public Communication

        ____Comm 441 International Communication

        ____Comm 460B Communication & Third World Development

        ____Comm 460C Identity & Culture: Social Movements 


  •  Any three courses - Political Science/History sequence (12 credits)

        ____PS 310 Politics of Mass Media

        ____PS 313 American Politics

        ____PS 317 Collective Action

        ____PS 324 Political Campaigns

        ____PS 325 Elections, Money, & Democracy

        ____PS 328 Public Policy & the Environment

        ____PS 358 Terrorism

        ____PS 360 Politics & Film 

        ____PS/HST 343 Modern Europe

        ____PS/HST 352 Modern Latin America

        ____PS/HST 359 Second American Gilded Age

        ____PS/HST 372 Twentieth-Century Revolutions

        ____PS 436 Health Care Policy: Obamacare & Beyond


  • Practicum or Senior Seminar (4 credits)

        ____Comm 409 Practicum

        ____PS 409 Practicum

        ____PS 498 Practicum


Core Requirements:  Complete the following core courses (16 credit hours)

* Choose 2 of 3 introductory courses: PS 110, PS 201, PS 202

* Math 243 or any other approved Statistics course

* Public Opinion/Survey Research (PS 311)