Graduating Senior, Sarah Grulikowski

Sarah Grulikowski shares her views on one of the perks of being an Honors Scholar. When graduating seniors are asked which aspects of their Honors College experience they valued the most, they frequently talk about the friendships and community they built with other Honors Scholars. Sarah Grulikowski agrees. In this video she explains further that it was the individualized advising with the Honors College directors that made her experience at SOU exceptional (Sarah was lucky to have more than one during her tenure as an Honors Scholar).

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Sarah Grulikowski

Meet our 2021-2025 Tribal Nations Honors Scholar - Tiana Gilliland

Tiana Gilliland

Tiana Gilliland is an enrolled member with Shasta Indian Nation and will be the second person to be a Tribal Honors Scholar in the Honors College. Tiana will be entering the Honors College at SOU as a freshman in the fall of 2021. Her tribe is located in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon and she wants to learn more about the culture of other Native Americans and share her own knowledge that she has to offer. She graduated locally from Grants Pass High School in Grants Pass, Oregon and wants to be involved with SOU as much as she can. Tiana plans to major in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Health Promotion and Military Science. At Southern Oregon University, she plans to be a part of the women's wrestling program and the Reserves Officer Training Corps for the National Guard to be a future Medical Service Corps Officer. Outside of school, she loves to bake, exercise, and do community service. After her bachelor's degree she hopes to get a master's degree in Healthcare Administration and eventually work in a hospital where she can manage staff and help the community. 

Humane Leadership after the Almeda Fire - Hannah Brandt

"A junior at Southern Oregon University, [Hannah] Brandt’s long-term goal is to earn her certified public accountant license and land the sort of job for which CPAs are trained, managing money. But in Phoenix, the financial math major suddenly found herself crunching numbers for a city dealing with a crisis." Read more:

Hannah Brandt

Meet the McNair Scholars in the Honors College

The McNair Scholar program at SOU supports students from underrepresented populations in their research and preparation for graduate school. This prestigious program specifically aims to increase the attainment of research-intensive doctoral degrees awarded to students from historically underrepresented groups. For more information about the McNair Scholar program at SOU, visit: 

Maria Rojas

Maria Rojas

Maria Rojas is a senior in the Honors College, majoring in Chemistry with minors in Biology and Psychology. Maria is also a Diversity Scholar at SOU, is an active participant in the Multicultural Resource Center, and is very committed to serving her community. Her passion for volunteering in hospitals led her to a pediatric oncology clinic in Bolivia, which assisted in shaping her research interests.

To read more about Maria's research, her interests, and plans for graduate school, visit her bio on the McNair Scholar page:

Turtle McCloskey-Potter

McCloskeyPotter Photo

Turtle McCloskey-Potter is currently earning her Baccalaureate of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy, with minors in Spanish and Native American Studies. She anticipates graduating summa cum laude in June 2021. Turtle is interested in ecological restoration, focusing on forest and riparian ecosystems experiencing severe degradation because of anthropogenic disturbances. Turtle hopes to incorporate Indigenous knowledge into her ecological research and restoration efforts. 

To read more about Turtle's research, her interests, and plans for graduate school, visit her bio on the McNair Scholar page: 

Tara Crosswhite is also an Honors Scholar and a McNair Scholar. More on Tara is coming soon! 

Meet Destery - SOU Raider Ambassador

In this video, Destery explains what the Honors College is and why it is a great opportunity for students interested in challenging themselves, finding community, and learning to lead at SOU. [Click on the image to be redirected to the video.]

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Destery2 1 

Meet Danya Torp

Danya Torp created this video journal for HON 319, a course she took with Professor Carol Ferguson during Spring quarter, 2020. This was the first quarter of the global pandemic. Her video journal combines video footage and poetry that on one hand responded to the prompts she was asked to complete for her course, but on the other hand reflect her personal, emotional, and poetic journey through those first months of the pandemic. Combining a deep and personal reflection on her relationship with nature, Danya also documents her journey through the trials and emotional pain of the first months of social distancing, remote learning, and isolation.

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Danya Torp, "Reconnecting with an Old Friend: My Term with Mother Nature"

Danya Torp 

Coming soon! Come back to read a longer reflection by Danya Torp on what this assignment meant for her personally, and how it reflects the creativity that was inspired by her Honors professor, Carol Ferguson. 

Look who just had their work published! 

Meet Ezra Farner

Congratulations goes to Ezra Farner, whose photography piece "Obliquity" was published in the December 2020 issue of The Palouse Review.

Ezra Farner

Ezra Farner wrote this about getting published: "I created this piece as my final project for a photography class last winter. It was inspired by the work of photographer Jan Dibbets and consists of four photos of the same building from different angles. I chose this piece to submit because it isn't the type of photography I usually take and the process of this project pushed me to do something out of my comfort zone. I'm so excited that this piece was chosen by The Palouse Review and I'm grateful for this opportunity to have my work seen by a wider audience!" See Ezra's art in the Palouse Review here

Meet McKayla C. Dumore - 2020-2024 Tribal Nations Honors Scholar

McKayla Dumore

McKayla C. Dumore is a proud member of the Klamath and Modoc Tribes. McKayla is SOU Honors College's first Tribal Nations Scholar. McKayla intends to graduate with a Major in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Outside of her academic studies, McKayla also has a passion for music, and hopes to sing as often as she can with SOU.