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Welcome to the SOU Skeptic House

Is it worth buying a hybrid car? Paper or plastic? Are immunizations safe? Are organic foods healthier? Are smart phones detrimental to our social lives? We are drowning in claims to persuade us on these issues and many more in this post-internet age. Facebook, news media, email: we are constantly awash in good, useful information and bad, misleading information. You will need to navigate many choices in your adult lives and careers... careers that may not yet exist.

The Skeptic House welcomes students from all fields of study. We prepare students for synthesizing and communicating information to execute a number of tasks in any future career. While an SOU student’s major will provide some knowledge and expertise in his or her field, a Skeptic House graduate will have additional training to gather and assess the quality of information, synthesize it into a persuasive message, and convey that proposal to the intended audience. Our focus within Skeptic House will be to give our students the confidence and desire to make good decisions in unexpected tasks in their future careers. We will provide students with an appropriate disposition to execute these tasks and take on leadership positions.

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About the Skeptic House

The Skeptic House is a place where students join faculty, staff, and community partners in exploring contentious issues. We will establish a presence in the local and global community through an online journal. Our journal provides a space for students to communicate essays, research, fact checking, and their own multimedia projects to the community. Students will develop a collaborative multimedia project such as a documentary providing coverage of the value of vaccinations, or develop a grant proposal for a local non-profit, or write and publish a research paper or series of short stories, or design a web or handheld device application. There are a seemingly infinite number of ways to communicate a message. We want our students to develop the skills and disposition to work on issues they are passionate about and share their message with their intended audience in persuasive and trustworthy manner.

Begin your journey to change the world by:

  • Exploring and promoting a complete understanding of contentious issues
  • Applying your passions to work toward a better, more informed world
  • Developing your leadership and advocacy skills through real-world experience with community organizations
  • Building lasting relationships with students, staff, faculty, and community members


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