Your group will fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Athletic camps/Youth activities:
    Cheer and dance camps, football, wrestling, basketball, volleyball and softball camps bring a high level of energy to our campus every summer. We have an indoor swimming pool, racquetball courts, weight room, two gyms, a dance studio and rock climbing wall plus athletic fields, running track, and tennis courts. To check out availability of our athletic facilities and for lifeguards and trainer services, please contact Jon Clement at or (541) 552-6726.


  2. Oregon Public Educational Institutions:
    An optional way to enhance the educational experience of your students is to enroll for classes through the SOU Center for Shakespeare Studies. This is an outstanding way to immerse your students in the study of theater. For information, please contact Lois DeBruno at or (541) 552-6905.


  3. Other Educational Groups: (including Oregon private schools)
    Other educational organizations are asked to register for classes with the SOU Center for Shakespeare Studies. Alternatively, some groups qualify by holding their own classes on campus when the group's instructor has been appointed adjunct faculty through the Center for Shakespeare Studies or Extended Campus Programs. For details about theater classes with the Center for Shakespeare Studies and adjunct faculty appointment, contact Lois DeBruno at or (541) 552-6905. Adjunct status must be renewed yearly.


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