There are four classrooms available for use in University Housing facilities: Cox & Siskiyou Classrooms (both located in Cox Hall) and the Red & Black Rooms (both located in The Hawk dining commons). These rooms are only available for official University use by SOU students, faculty, & staff.

All classrooms come "as is". Housing does not arrange/move any furniture nor do we provide technical support for "smart" classrooms. The Cox & Siskiyou Classroom have full computer/projector/sound set-up along with laptop connections. The Red & Black Rooms have HDMI inputs that will provide sound and video on a 72'' flat screen tv. The user is responsible for providing a laptop and HDMI cable.
Users must return classrooms to their originally set-up when they are done and are responsible for leaving them in a clean & tidy manner. Failure to return the furniture to its original set-up or leaving it unclean will result in a $50 cleaning/set-up charge.
After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation from our office within 2 business days. All requests must be submitted online through this form.
You can view availability for the classrooms here: Cox & Siskiyou Classrooms and Red & Black Classrooms
If you have any questions about the reservation process, please contact the SOU Conference Office at 541-552-6375 or via email at