Please see below for "How-To" Instructions on selecting your Residence Hall Room.
If you are having problems, please see Common Issues and Solutions

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Review Your Self Selection Time and Date (back to top)

You will receive an email to your SOU student email detailing your self-selection time and date. This time period is specific to you, is in Pacific Daylight Time, and uses 24-hour clock conventions (also known as "military time"). Please note, that the time and date listed are when the self-selection page on your Residence Hall Application will be available to you, not when you are necessarily required to pick your room. The page will stay open until later in the summer when we decide to close down this feature. However, the sooner you pick your room, the better a chance you have at getting what you want. University Housing will send an email out to all applicants who have not picked a room, letting them know when this feature will be closed.


Communicate With Your Roommate (back to top)

If you have a confirmed roommate (this student would show up under the "Add Roommates" tab under a section called "Accepted Roommates" - please see below for an example screenshot), please reach out to them before the start of self selection. Both you and your roommate should decide who will be doing the self selection. If you have a confirmed roommate, whoever picks their room first is required to place both members of the roommate pairing.

Generally, we suggest the applicant who has the earlier time-slot should be the one to place both applicants. However, if that person is not available, either applicant can place the other.


Communication in this process is key - You can, if you choose, break up a confirmed or accepted roommate pairing by clicking "Delete" under the applicants name (see screenshot above). Applicants may choose to do this if they are wanting a single room, for example.

We highly suggest all applicants go on to the portal during their self selection timeslot, even if they have communicated with their roommate and have agreed to allow said roommate to do the placements, to verify if they have a room assignment or not. The system will NOT notify you if your roommate chooses to remove you as a roommate or when you have been given a room.

Log In to Inside SOU (back to top)

Using your SOU credentials, log in to your Inside SOU and re-access the Housing Portal and Application through the Student Online Services (see below).


Access Your Housing Application (back to top)

Click the appropriate Residence Hall Application for the year you are attending SOU.


Once there, if it is your first time accessing the application since receiving your timeslot, you will immediately be taken to a new page on the portal called "Rooms". As you can see in the image below, if your timeslot has not yet come up, you will see the following message with your time and date (if you log off and come back later, you will not have access to this page again until your time has started)


Access The "Rooms" Module (back to top)

Once your time has arrived, you are going to start by selecting the "Rooms Wizard" link on the main page. The main page provides helpful information and will eventually contain your room assignment information when you finish the process. Please see below:


Pick Your Room! (back to top)

On the "Buildings" page, you will be able to see the halls available to you, based on your classification (Freshman, Transfer, etc.); please note that the picture below may not look the same for you based on your individual profile and classifications. Select the name of the building you wish to live in.


On the "Floor/Suite" page, you will be able to view the suites available in that hall and the number of single or double bed spaces available. If you have a confirmed roommate, make sure you choose a suite that contains at least 2 double beds. Applicants placing themselves in a single room cannot have a confirmed roommate. If you want a single, or there are no open doubles left, please return to the "Add Roommates" tab and delete your confirmed roommate.


On the "Rooms" page, you will be able to view many details about the room and suite itself. Next to the room number, you will first see the designated gender of the room. If there is a letter "D", this means "dynamic gender" and that there is no assigned gender yet for this suite. By adding yourself to the suite, you will determine the gender of the suite for future applicants. If there is an "M" or "F", this stands for "Male" and "Female." You will not be able to place yourself in a suite that does not match your gender. Finally, if there is a letter "C" this signifies a Gender Inclusive Housing option (Please click on the link for a detailed description). Gender is not considered by the system when placing in this unit and applicants who do not wish to live with someone of a different gender should not pick these suites.

Next to the gender designation, you will also see the number of beds available in that room, listed as either 1/1, 2/2, or 1/2. You will not be able to see rooms that are full.

Finally, by using the magnifying glass symbol next to the bed space, you can view the current occupants of the suite and their profiles (if applicable). You can also view additional information about the bed space. See below for a typical room page:


Finally, on the "Beds" page. you are going to officially select you AND your confirmed roommate's bed space (as a reminder, if you are placing in a single, you cannot have a confirmed roommate and must delete the request under the "Add Roommates" tab). Please note, you MUST put you and a confirmed in the same bed space. Please see below if you are having troubles placing your roommate or give us a call at 541-552-6371.

You have only 5 minutes to select you and you roommate's room and click "Reserve Beds." During these 5 minutes, the system puts a hold on the bed spaces selected and will allow no one else to book those rooms.


You're Done! (back to top)

You will be sent to a confirmation page on the main "Rooms" page, detailing your room assignment and suitemates. As other applicants place themselves within your suite, this page will update and you will be able to view their profiles by logging back into the portal and clicking "View Profile" next to their names. Plese see the example below:




Please keep an eye on your SOU email throughout the summer as University Housing will be sending important information on check-in, your mailing address, and other details.


Common Issues and Solutions (back to top)

Though we hope the self selection process is easy and stress-free, we do understand there may be some hiccups along the way. As such, we have identified several issues that may come up while you are attempting to select your room. As always, we are here to help, 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm. Please email us at or call us at 541-552-6371.


No Beds Available/Selecting a Single Room

If you have selected a room with "1/2" listed next to the gender and you have a confirmed roommate, you will not be able to place you and your roommate in the room. this is because there is only 1 out of 2 bed spaces available in that particular space. Please go back to the suite/floor or rooms page and select a room that says "2/2"

If you are attempting to place yourself in a single room and you have a confirmed roommate, the system will NOT allow you to select your room. This is because you are required to place any confirmed roommates in the same room with you. Please go back to the "Add Roommates" page on the portal and delete any requests you have out. If there is an applicant who you want to live with in the same suite, message them after self selection and let them know what suite you placed yourself in. Please see below:


Roommate Assigned to the Wrong Room

The system allows you to pick multiple bed spaces in a particular suite so that you can view all suite occupants and hold all rooms for 5 minutes while making a decision. If you accidentally place your roommate in the other side of the suite you will receive an error and will not be able to select your room. Double rooms (which are the only rooms you can book yourself in with a confirmed roommate) are signified by A-1 & A-2 (room 1 with 2 bed spaces) and B-1 & B-2 (room 2 with 2 bed spaces). If you get the warning seen below, please make sure that you and your roommate are in the same room (does your bed space have the same letter before the -1 or -2? if not, you are in different rooms).


Roommate Has Different Gender

If you have a confirmed roommate that is the opposite gender as you, you may see the warning listed below. You will need to select a Gender Inclusive Housing option if you wish to stay confirmed roommates with this individual. To delete this roommate pairing, please go to the "Add Roommate" tab on the portal and click "Delete" under their name. If you have any issues, please give us a call at 541.552.6371.


Roommate Has Different Classification

Madrone and McLoughlin Halls are only open to upper-class students. However, the portal allows an applicant to pick any roommate they wish, even if that student is not the same classification. If you are an upper-class student and you get the warning below, it means you are attempting to place you and your confirmed roommate in an upper-class hall but the roommate is a Freshman. You can either delete the roommate pairing by going to "Add Roommates" and clicking "Delete" under their name or you must select a building that allows Freshman, such as Shasta Hall.




We are here to help!

If you are having trouble with Self-Selection
please give us a call at 541.552.6371
or email us at


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