Healthy debate and disagreement are at the heart of a vibrant democracy. Yet contemporary society seems to be marked by an increasing incivility.

Full poster of Spring Term events

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In virtually all spheres of our life, we find acrimony and aggression on the rise. On occasion, even on our own campus, one hears and witnesses uncivil behavior among and between students, faculty, and administrators.

In its original form, the word civility referred to training in the humanities, and education has always played an important role in fostering civility in society. Civility defines the standard of behavior expected in human interactions.

With the presidential election on the horizon and the current state of our public discourse, SOU’s own 140th anniversary celebration offers a unique opportunity to discuss this all important topic in 2011-12.

The theme of civility provides a natural continuation of our 2010-11 campus theme On Being Human. As we explore what it means to be civil and related terms such as civilization, civic life, civil society, and citizen, we can build on the knowledge we have gained from our theme On Being Human. As always, our goal is for the campus to engage in rigorous intellectual conversation about this important question, informed by the latest research, scholarship, and insights from several different areas.

Campus Theme Events for Spring Term 2012 Have Been Posted

We began our fall term events with the visit of Judge John Jones on October 13-14, 2011.

For a description of Judge Jones public presentations, click here.

This video is from Judge Jones presentation on Thursday, October 13, 2011.

The Mail Tribune's story about the presentation is available online, too.

This video is from Judge Jones second presentation on Friday, October 14, 2011

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