Campus Theme: Shape s of Curiosity

Science and Curiosity

We normally associate creativity with the arts, while curiosity plays a major role in science. Science is about trying to figure out how the world works, how to solve the great mysteries of the universe. Scientists rely on curiosity to ask the right questions about these great mysteries and creativity to solve them. This panel of SOU scientists will discuss how curiosity and creativity motivate and inform scientific inquiry, and what it means to be a scientist.
  Presenters: Ellen Siem (Physics and Engineering) , Greg Miller (Chemistry), and Michael Parker (Biology)
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 • 7 pm
SOU's Stevenson Union Room 319

 The Center for the Humanities at SOU consolidates the efforts of the departments of art, communication, language, literature, and philosophy, history, music, and theatre to promote the arts and humanities on the SOU campus and in the community.

The Center for the Humanities is the main organizing group for the SOU Campus Theme Activities.

Each year, the Center for the Humanities selects, with the support of other campus groups, a thematic focus for the year and coordinates lectures, courses and other events around that theme.

2017-2018 Campus Theme: Truth

Truth, like love and justice, is a term everyone uses, but is surprisingly difficult to define. Many regard truth as the most challenging as well as exciting and engaging issue humans have contemplated through the ages and in cultures across the globe. From Pontius Pilates’ famous question to Jesus Christ: What is truth? some two thousand years ago to philosophers, artists, poets, scientists, and social and political thinkers, all have attempted to get a handle on this intriguing notion. It is the problem of being clear about what we mean when we say some claim or other is true: Is truth objective or subjective? Is truth a single, unified concept or are there many truths? With the goal of gaining a better understanding of this elusive notion, the SOU Center for the Humanities has selected Truth as our Campus Theme.

Previous Themes

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2013-14, Race

2012-13,  Exploring Happiness

2011-12,  Civility

20010-11, On Being Human

2009-10, Tocqueville Imagining America

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