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The question of what it means to be human has fascinated people across the globe for thousands of years. The range of answers is as impressive, rich and diverse as life itself. Recently the journal Daedalus dedicated its Summer 2009 issue to this topic.


With the goal of both celebrating the richness and diversity of answers and gaining newer understanding into the human condition, SOU will adopt the theme, “On Being Human” as its year long theme during the 2010-11 academic year.


Recent research in the areas of physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and cognitive psychology are shedding new light on this question with profound implications for our understanding of what makes humans human. Philosophers, artists, and writers have analyzed the spiritual and moral side of the question from a variety of viewpoints for centuries. ‘What does it mean to be human?’ will be explored from three different perspectives: social sciences, natural sciences, and the arts and humanities. Each area will take the lead in facilitating appropriate intellectual discussion, debate, and engagement activities during one of the three terms: sciences in the fall, social sciences in the winter, and arts and humanities in the spring. The goal is for the campus to engage in rigorous intellectual conversation about this important question, informed by the latest research, scholarship, and insights from several different areas.

To kick off our theme, we are pleased to announce the visit of Dr. Lawrence Krauss to SOU on October 14-15. For more information about Dr.  Krauss' visit, please go to the events page at this site.

Dr. Lawrence Krauss

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