Researchers, whether faculty or students, must protect the rights of their subjects as described under the Informed Consent tab.


  1. Researchers must submit the Review Form for Projects Using Human Subjects to the relevant body in their department. Each department will designate faculty member(s) to review the research using human subjects before submission to the IRB.
  2. The department will review the research proposal to verify appropriateness of research, assess educational validity, evaluate protocols, and confirm consistency with accepted norms within the discipline and relevant professional associations. The department then endorses submission to the IRB by completing the Department Approval for Submission. The signed form must accompany a hard copy of the Review Form when forwarded for IRB review.
  3. If the research is sponsored by a non-SOU organization but the research subjects are SOU students or employees, or if SOU facilities are to be used, the Review Form for Projects Using Human Subjects must be submitted to the IRB.

Please allow two weeks for the review and decision-making process. Summer and quarter breaks may require longer.

Responses to the 21 questions in the review form are basic to the IRB's determination about the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in your research. Responses should be clear, complete, and easy to understand. You may download the electronic version of the Review Form for Projects Using Human Subjects and type directly into the form. Completed forms can then be printed out and delivered to the Grants Administration Office at the address shown below. Place your typewritten responses immediately under each question, not on a separate sheet. It is important that you answer every question. If a question does not apply to your research, enter a response such as "N/A" or "Does not apply". Submit one complete, signed hard copy of the proposal packet and one digital copy via e-mail to the following address:

Southern Oregon University
Deborah d'Este Hofer
Grants Administration
234 Computer Services East
1250 Siskiyou Blvd
Ashland, OR 97520

Checklist: Include these items with your proposal packet:

  1. Department Approval for Submission to IRB.
  2. Proposal Clearance (if grant application is included).
  3. Review Form for Projects Using Human Subjects.
  4. Forms that will be used to document informed consent and assent.
  5. Cover letter and/or script to be used to inform subjects about the nature of the research.
  6. Copies of surveys, instruments or measures, questionnaires, interview schedules, focus group questions, and/or other materials used to collect data.
  7. Instructor Authorization to Conduct Research (if applicable).
  8. Request to Access Educational Records for Research (if applicable).
  9. Release form for audio or video taping (if applicable).

Approval is valid for only ONE year and must be renewed if the protocol lasts longer or is modified during that period of time. An annual review may be initiated by the investigator or by IRB. This review requires a summary of the current status of the project including what is left to be accomplished and an anticipated completion date. A copy of the current consent form should also be submitted. Whatever the initial review category was, the same review procedure will be followed for annual reviews.

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