Common Admissions Application is an OUS-developed system through which member institutions exchange denied applications that meet a minimum threshold of quality.  Currently, the threshold is a high school GPA >= 2.5 or a GED > 490.   The purpose of the exchange is to let member institutions review the denied applicants from the other institutions for possible recruitment. Denied applications are not sent for terms other than Fall or before September 1st of the year preceding the next Fall entry term.

The system consists of two processes: outbound and inbound.   To the member schools, “outbound” is the process of sending denied applications to a central OUS server for dissemination to other schools, and “inbound” is the process of receiving applications from other schools.

SOU's Outbound Process

Our outbound process runs overnight sending any and all applications denied during the previous day to OUS.

SOU's Inbound Process

Our inbound process is run on-demand by admissions by launching the following file on the Admission's departmental drive either directly or via a short-cut:


The job will open a DOS-window, run for a minute or two and then close the window.  It is important not to prematurely close the window.

After the job is completed, there will be downloaded files with .XML extensions in two directories:



The files in the arch directory are for backup purposes only.  They can be kept as long as desired, or manually deleted after a period of time, say 30 days.  If a need arises to recover data from the archived files, contact the faculty and staff help desk.

The files in the proc directory are the individual student applications.  You can read and print them by opening them with a browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox).  These files should be deleted, printed or saved to another directory after review and before the next download.