**The SOU Student and Recruits and Applicants Data Warehouses have been replaced by the Banner Operational Data Store and Banner Enterprise Data Warehouse.  The old data warehouses were retired on 12/31/2015.**

A data warehouse is a relational database that is designed for query and analysis rather than for transaction processing. Data warehouses are designed to help you analyze your data and accommodate ad hoc queries and reports. They contain consolidated data derived from transaction data.

There are currently two data warehouses supported by SOU. They are the Student Data Warehouse and the Recruits and Applicants Data Warehouse. The Finance Data Warehouse and HR Data Warehouse used by Business Services and the Human Resource department are maintained and supported by OUS. SOU uses the IBM Cognos reporting tool to access the SOU Data Warehouses.

The Student Data Warehouse contains information from the Banner Information System about students at Southern Oregon University. It includes demographic data, current standing, academic history, registration, grades, course schedules and degrees obtained for the students.

The Recruits and Applicants Data Warehouse includes information about the most current recruits, applicants and admits to SOU.

For help with the Student or Recruits and Applicants Data Warehouses, please contact us at data-warehouse@support.sou.edu.

IBM Cognos Documentation
Student/Recruits and Applicants Data Warehouses