1. OUS External Review Guidelines


2. Program Proposal


3. Itinerary for External Review


4. Supplementary budget document


5. Library assessment


6. Faculty vitae (folder) NOTE: Brief bios are available in the program proposal. More complete vitae are provided for the three primary faculty for the program delivery. Vitae for others are available upon request.


a. Kemble Yates


b. Daniel Kim


c. Lisa Ciasullo


d. Curtis Feist


e. Sherry Ettlich


f. Dusty Sabo


g. Irving Lubliner


h. Francie Bostwick


i. Jim Hatton


j. Larry Shrewsbury


k. Brian Stonelake


l. John Anton


m. CS faculty?


n. Business faculty?


7. Catalog copy for program


8. SOU catalog entry for Mathematics (http://catalog.sou.edu/content.php?catoid=3&navoid=203)


9. SOU Graduate Program Handbook


10. Mathematics Department mission statement (http://www.sou.edu/math/mission-statement.html)


11. University mission statement (http://www.sou.edu/president/mission.html)


12. University Master Academic Plan (http://www.sou.edu/assets/math/docs/MAP%205%20Final%205-27-09.pdf)


13. University Strategic Plan (http://www.sou.edu/assets/math/docs/Strat%20Plan%20rev111209.pdf)


14. Oregon University System PSM plan (http://www.ous.edu/state_board/strategicplan)


15. Grant proposal + award letter


16. External partners’ letters of support  (a) Harry & David, (b) PGP, (c) TreeStar

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