Download and print the application form (form is .pdf format and will be in a separate window).  Or use this fillable MS Word form using IE or Firefox browser.  A .pdf of the Recommendation Form is also available.  Please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Kemble Yates, if you have any questions [; (541)-552-6578].

 Admission Requirements

Students must meet SOU admission criteria ( and then be approved by the department for admission to the graduate program. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The department evaluates applications on based on the following:

  1. undergraduate GPA in mathematics courses (and see below); note that all undergraduate transcripts are thus required for application;
  2. GRE general test scores;
  3. three letters of recommendation (send to department);
  4. an essay statement of objectives (send to department); and
  5. a department interview
  6. a resume or vita (send to department).

Note: Students for whom English is not their native language will also be required to pass an English proficiency exam (TOEFL) with a sufficiently high score to gain admittance.

Students with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines are welcome. The following course work (or its equivalent) with a grade of B or better must be completed in order to gain full admittance to the program:

  1. Single Variable Calculus (MTH 251, MTH 252, and MTH 253)
  2. Linear Algebra (MTH 261)
  3. Multivariable Calculus (MTH 281)
  4. Differential Equations (MTH 321)
  5. Calculus-based Probability (MTH 361)

Students without these prerequisites may still apply for graduate admission and can be admitted as a post-baccalaureate student. If accepted, these students are guaranteed full admittance to the graduate program after successful completion of the prerequisites.


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