Math Placement Assessments at Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon University uses the ALEKS math placement system to help insure that you will be successful in your college math courses. Below students can read more about the ALEKS program, and the policies of Math Placement at SOU:

Key Policies:

- All official placements must be proctored, unproctored test results cannot be used for offical math placements.

- Students are prohibited from using any of the following during an exam, unless an ADA accommodation has been made: Calculators, Phones/Smart Devices, Internet Windows/Browsers other than ALEKS, Textbooks, Notebooks, secondary computers (which aren't being used for the ALEKS testing instance). 

- Once you activate your ALEKS account, your access to the system will expire after one year, and you will be required to purchase an additional set of ALEKS tests.

- Students must complete required Learning and Preparation Modules as prompted in ALEKS prior to taking additional proctored tests, after the completion of the first exam. 

To get started, students are encouraged to learn more about Math Placement by watching this overview:


Below you will find information on the ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning (PPL) system and how we use it to place you in the right math class. 



Additional Information 

All mathematics courses above Math 60 have prerequisites to assure appropriate placement. Students may meet prerequisites by taking the prerequisite course or earning an appropriate score on the placement test.


If you know your placement level, review courses you are eligible to take.

If you know the course you would like to take,  check out the prerequisite required.

Course Advisement is available on selecting a course to meet your quantitative reasoning requirement.


ETS conducted a validity study for the mathematics placement test. Based on the results, the mathematics department benchmarked the placement test cutoffs to match a 65% likelihood that a student would earn a C- in the course where they are placed.

Advisee's placement level directions are listed to help you.

Table explaining how placement levels are determined (pdf file).



Still have questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.