Proctor2    My name is Keith Devin Proctor. I am a non-traditional university student majoring in Outdoor Adventure Leadership, and minoring in Environmental Studies. My academic path thus far has granted me challenging, informative, and educational advancement, yet; real understanding has proven elusive thus far. I am earning a baccalaureate of science degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership, with an emphasis in: facilitation, experiential curriculum and outdoor education; from the Health, Physical Education and Leadership Department, while minoring in Environmental Science with emphasis on natural science and natural systems. I anticipate graduating cum laude in June 2017. 

    In the summer of 2013, while bicycle touring across the continental United States; riding from Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast, to Montauk Point Long Island, on the New York Coast, I had time for reflection. Within that contemplation I questioned my academic education; what is this road I am to follow based upon my: life experiences, story, interests and continued evolution of a personal value system? Truth is…I don’t fully understand what sorts of doctoral programs would grant me the opportunity I seek to live a purpose driven life, yet; I recognize an inner need to find ways of bringing enthusiasm and inspiration into the lives of others. Doing this has fueled my soul.

     I’ve nary a drop of motivation to write, “I plan to apply to this or that graduate program,” when truth is, I’m unaware, at this time, of a program that would offer the opportunities to feed the aforementioned inner flame. Because of this, I must trust in the intuitive voice when hearing the road calling me back…harkening that I adventure towards deeper meaning to education, a holistic one that embraces all that I am in body, mind and spirit.

     I am blessed and fortunate to proclaim: in the spring of 2014, I shall depart on an around the Earth bicycle ride/tour. While embarking on, what I project to be, the most well-rounded education I can currently dream…I can only imagine what life changing experiences shall cause my heart to breathe, give me reason to pray, words to say within days under the sun where it seems the night might never come, while every season seeking the silent song of God.

     As the journey unfolds, I will be in contact with: my academic adviser Erik Sol, in the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program and Dr. Laura Jones, my McNair Faculty Mentor, in order to facilitate the achievement of my undergraduate degree. Through online coursework applicable to the programs I study, and to my lifestyle; I will complete classes in: writing, communication, culture, environmental studies, outdoor leadership, health and physical education, and others courses of relevance. I believe that this holistic education will place me on a solid foundation that involves speaking, writing and teaching inspiration while guiding me towards, and into, my ultimate calling and a purpose-driven life.

McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laura Jones, Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education and Leadership

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