Britney Sharp

Office Assistant- Outreach and Peer Engagement 


Major: Criminal Justice and Political Science

Year: Third year

Hobbies: playing with my dog and anything crafty

Goals: At SOU I just want to continue improving the campus for the students and community members. After graduation I hope to work for a federal law enforcement agency and just work to reshape and reimagine a system that is broken. In the middle of that large goal I hope to become a foster parent and adopt about 7 dogs because why not!

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Maria Rojas

Office Assistant


Major: Chemistry/psych and bio minors

Hobbies: I enjoy baking and hiking

Goals: After completing my undergraduate studies and graduating from SOU, I am looking forward to continuing my academic journey and refining my knowledge of chemistry and medicine by attending a graduate healthcare program. After completing my doctoral education, I hope to continue with the MRC’s values to use my post-baccalaureate education to medically service underrepresented populations that lack basic healthcare needs. I enjoy serving as an advocate for my colleagues and hope to continue doing that in the future.

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Tua’au Laolagi

Diversity Scholarship Student Coordinator


Major: Psychology Minors: Biology, Chemistry

Year: Junior

Hobbies: Playing video games, eating, and working out are my favorite hobbies

Goals: Long term goals include pursuing a graduate degree in Neuroscience and carry out research on neurodegenerative diseases and hopefully move on t treat patients with various neurodegenerative diseases.

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Michael Miller

Men of Distinction Peer Support Group


Major: Psychology/Communications

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Cooking/Listening to music.

Goals: To build healthy relationships with all students.

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Tyler Dean

Office Assistant/ MRC Liason


Major: Health/PE

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Hanging with my Dog, Watching & Analyzing in Sport

Goals: Get a Masters in Athletic Administration, and become a college Athletic Director. So that I can make a difference in athletes to help prepare them for a life after sports. Giving them the confidence and hope that they can become something, someone even greater than who they were before as an athlete.

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Kerry Cook

Office Assistant


Major: Health/PE

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Dancing, Ping Pong, Basketball, being around people

Goals: My goals are to get a masters degree in teaching and eventually to positively impact students health through sports, games & play.

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Daisy Osy

Office Assistant


Major: Business Administration Major/ Communications Minor

Year: Junior 

Hobbies: I love to sing and dance, and recently I’ve enjoyed watching TikTok cooking videos.

Goals: My goal is to be able to support students of color and let them know of all the resources that are available to them here at SOU. I hope to continue supporting students of color after I graduate from college and I hope to do that by being involved in the administrative side of the higher education system. Another goal of mine is to be a really good cook 👩🏻‍🍳.

Contact information:
                                  TikTok: @oh_dais


Alexis Huff

Multicultural Coalition Coordinator


Major: Communication Major/ Minor in business Admin/HR Certificate

Year: Senior

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking/baking & listening to music

Goals: After graduating, my goal is to work for a nonprofit that focuses on community outreach & engagement

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Abigail Awai
Staff Manager


IMG 9970

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Listening to music, going to the beach, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.
Goals: To serve as a support system for students and build long lasting connections with staff, faculty, and admin.
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 Erik Ramirez Martinez

 Website Manager

 IMG 0382

 Major: Business Administration-Marketing/ Minor in Spanish

Year: Senior

Hobbies: I enjoy hiking, landscape photography, and traveling.

Goals: My goal is to use my admiration for people and Business (Marketing) to be of service to people and nurture relationships day-to-day. By applying my knowledge and skills in a creating space, I hope to motivate people to explore new ideas alongside one another. My goal as a MRC staff member is to create long-lasting relationships with staff, faculty, and other students.