Stop by the MRC to Relax, Release, and Relate.

Relax with the students, faculty and staff on one of our comfy main room couches or chill in the "Chill Out Room" on one of the plush super sofas. These are some of the best couches on the campus for just being in the moment. 

Release the stress of trekking home to complete homework by utilizing one of the several computers in the center. Computer use comes with free printing.

Relate to other students by engaging in open dialogue around topics like Interracial Dating, Gender Identity and Sexuality, Anatomy and Physiology as well as other hot topics that are frequently discussed.

The MRC is home to the seven student groups and organizations that comprise the Multicultural Coalition (MCC). The coalition was chartered to provide a means for SOU's identity based groups to come together in order to develop a sense of community support, design and execute joint programs, share news and explore ways of culturally impacting the SOU community.


A picture of an active center.