The mission of the Music program at Southern Oregon University is to develop students' creative and technical abilities in ways to prepare them to perform, teach, create, and support music making in their communities throughout the world. We support music as a part of a liberal arts education at Southern Oregon University by fostering the joy and discipline of learning, encouraging the exploration of diverse cultures, developing the ability to collaborate, and by preparing students to make music a meaningful part of their lives. The program has 8 outcomes. Students will:

  1. Know the theory, history, and repertory in the major area of study.
  2. Identify how specific technologies serve the student’s chosen field of music.
  3. Know the nature of professional work in music, including career development skills, teaching skills, and concert attendance.
  4. Demonstrate mastery of the core fundamentals, processes, elements, form, structures and styles of music.
  5. Perform a cross-section of the repertory in the major area of study.
  6. Collaborate on matters of musical interpretation including rehearsal and conducting skills.
  7. Perform individually and in ensembles with technical skills that produce artistic expression.
  8. Synthesize musical learning by actively thinking, speaking, and writing clearly and effectively about musical ideas and defending their views.