Q. What is the daily newsletter?

A. Southern Exposure is our new once daily email newsletter sent to all students, faculty, and staff.  It is published only on weekdays around noon.

Q. Who receives the daily newsletter?

A. All current students, faculty, and staff.  If there's interest, we can add external recipients too.  Just email inside@sou.edu

Q. Who can submit to the daily newsletter?

A. Any current student, faculty, or staff member.

Q. How do I submit to the daily newsletter?

A. Just click here to submit.  Note, you will need to login using your SOU username and password.

Q. What's the deadline for submission?

A. For that day's newsletter, you must make your submission by 10:00am.  Submissions received after that time will appear in the next day's newsletter.  Submissions made after 10:00am Friday will appear in Monday's edition.

Q. Is there a limit on submissions?

A. No, you may submit as many announcements or events as you need.

Q. Can I re-submit an annoucement or event?

A. Yes, but you will need to do so manually.  There is no automated support for recurring events or announcements.

Q. Can I submit attachments and images?

A. No.  You may use HTML to compose your message, but images and attachments are not allowed.  Instead, you should link to files using Google Drive, ownCloud, or a URL.  Contact the IT Helpdesk or Computing Coordinator for assistance if needed.

Q. Are there restrictions on content?

A. The intention of the daily newsletter is to foster more communication, so there are only a few restrictions and they are listed below.

From the policy:

Messages explicitly prohibited from the daily newsletter include:

  • Personal attacks or comments.
  • Commercial advertising for merchants or service providers external to the university, except for notices of services and discounts arranged for members of the university community by the university.
  • Solicitations for contributions, charities, or participation in personal activities not related to university purposes or not sponsored by the university.
  • Solicitations for non-university businesses operated by university faculty, staff, or students.
  • Surveys or solicitations to members of the community selected on demographic characteristics, such as to selected groups or individuals identified as candidates for research subjects.
  • Targeted audiences that might appear discriminatory or may appear to be an infringement on privacy.
  • Offensive material.

Q. I don't want to receive the daily newsletter.  What can I do?

A. Freel free to create a filter in Gmail.  Instructions for doing so are here.

Q. I have some suggestions, who do I contact?

A. Send your suggestions to inside@sou.edu