Instructions for how to sign up for courses are provided in this section. You are always welcome to seek assistance from the office.

How to Register for Courses or Add a Course Online

Click the “Sign In” located in the line at the top of every page on the website and follow the instructions. After signing in, you will be taken to the “Catalog.” Registration instructions are provided on each successive screen.

For those new to online registration at OLLI, please refer to the detailed instructions below, making sure you select the instructions appropriate to the current registration period, either "the course requests lottery" or "open enrollment registration." The Take Classes section includes an explanation of the differences between these two periods. Find out when the course requests lottery is scheduled by checking the online OLLI Calendar, and be sure to submit printed course requests to the office by the deadline indicated to optimize the chances of getting the courses you prefer.

We suggest you download and print the PDF of the instructional guide and have it nearby as you navigate the registration process.

Registration and Getting the Courses You Want [PDF]

Course Requests Lottery Instructions [PDF]

Open Enrollment Registration Instructions [PDF]

How to Register for Courses or Add a Course Manually

Complete the course request form and return it to the OLLI office.

Fall 2020 OLLI at SOU course request form

Dropping Courses

All course withdrawals are handled by the OLLI office; they cannot be done online. It is very important to notify the office as soon as you determine that you will not be attending a course for which you’ve registered. This will provide space for another member and let the instructor know the quantity of course materials needed. Please email the OLLI office at with “Drop” in the subject line or call 541-552-6048 to drop a course.