OLLI Goes to the Movies

photo of the Varisty Theater in Ashland, Oregon

This popular annual event features an exclusive OLLI screening of a current release film at either the Varsity Theatre or Ashland Street Cinema. Your contribution includes admission, a bag of popcorn and a soda.

Ticket proceeds are used to support an OLLI program as directed by the OLLI Council. In the past, the proceeds have been used to provide scholarships based on financial need and also to establish a rides program for those who could not otherwise attend.

The event is made possible through the generosity of Coming Attraction Theatres. (www.catheatres.com)

the logo of Scienceworks Hands-on Museum

OLLI Night at ScienceWorks

OLLI Night at ScienceWorks is an event where members can socialize over a glass of wine and some light snacks, and can enjoy the latest ScienceWorks exhibits and theater presentations.

OLLI enjoys a community partnership with ScienceWorks, a popular Rogue Valley destination featuring hands-on scientific learning experiences for kids of all ages. Additionally, OLLI schedules and conducts several classes per term at the ScienceWorks Museum.

The event is made possible through the generosity of ScienceWorks. (www.scienceworksmuseum.org)