We are on our way to renewing all the classrooms and meeting space on our Campbell Center campus in Ashland. Room A, finished in January 2018, has had rave reviews from instructors and members alike. 

re-new-all campbell center renovation logo

Now the entire Campbell Center will be getting these features:

Better Technology: Instructor-friendly equipment; fewer class interruptions

Better Viewing: Large, raised, high definition screens; dimmable LED lighting

Better Sound: Improved acoustics within and between classrooms

Better Comfort: New HV/AC and fresh air ventilation; new windows and seating

Better Access: Relocated doors & wider aisles

renovation blueprint

And More! Instant hot water; new carpeting; new lavatory; fresh paint

For more information on these new features, click here. [PDF]

Thanks to the generosity of donations from OLLI members and leaders, Rooms B & C will be ready for OLLI’s Winter 2019 term.

We need your help.  The bigger project is the south building which now houses Classrooms D, E and the Member Lounge. That work cannot begin until we have the funding. When done, we will have 3 classrooms sized to meet the demands of our average courses, plus a new small-group meeting room, a new bathroom addition and an inviting and spacious Member Lounge moved to the old Classroom C location.

It’s up to us. Generous lead donations of OLLI members and from SOU have gotten us more than halfway to the goal. The rest is up to us. Please consider a contribution or pledge so we can begin the work before the costs escalate. To contribute to this exciting project by credit card, click here. With everyone’s help, construction can begin in Fall 2019 and classes resumed in an all NEW Campbell Center by Spring 2020.

Contact Lorraine Vail at lvail627@gmail.com, Cliff Edwards at cmedwards@ashlandoregon.org, or Rob Casserly at casserlyr@sou.edu if you have questions or want to make a pledge.