Special COVID-19 information: The one credit program is currently unavailable at Southern Oregon University. We ask for your patience and understanding during this public health emergency. Please email olli@sou.edu or call 541-552-6048 if you have any questions.

For more general information about the OLLI at SOU one credit program, please continue reading below. 

OLLI instructors whose courses and academic backgrounds qualify are encouraged to apply to have their course approved for the one credit program.

What Courses Qualify for the One Credit Program?

In order for a course to receive academic credit through SOU, a course must meet the following criteria:

  • Content aligns with that of an academic department at SOU
  • Classroom time provides at least 10 hours of instruction (e.g., 7 sessions x 1.5 hours or 5 sessions x 2 hours)
  • Instructor’s academic background is equivalent to that of SOU adjunct for the relevant academic department

Because different departments have different rules about adjunct faculty, not all OLLI classes that meet for 10+ hours of instruction will be approved for credit. However, it is relatively easy to have a course reviewed for this option.

How to Apply for the One Credit Course Program

Instructors whose courses meet the above criteria should submit a course syllabus and short personal bio or c.v. to the OLLI office for review by the appropriate academic department. Instructors are notified if their course is approved for the one credit program.

Once a course is accepted for the one credit program, it is likely that it will be approved again if the content and course length do not change, however instructors must apply each term, since there may be new criteria imposed by the academic department at SOU.

Why Apply for the One Credit Program?

OLLI instructors, students and SOU benefit from having an OLLI course approved for the one credit program:

  • SOU benefits by claiming the instructor as part of their overall headcount for funding.
  • OLLI students, as auditing students of a one credit course, are granted student privileges at SOU's Hannon Library for the term.
  • OLLI is connecting in a meaningful way with SOU's academic departments, as our instructors become adjunct faculty. When the SOU measures the teaching and learning accomplished at the university, OLLI one-credit classes are included rather than regarded as a peripheral activity.
  • OLLI's rent bill is waived at the Higher Education Center, thanks to our participation in this program
  • Instructors of one credit courses gain extra privileges at Hannon Library.