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About Us

The SOU Outdoor Program (OP) advocates for students to experience the spirit of adventure during their time at SOU. We offer student led trips throughout the school year for the entire campus community, as well as, high quality camping/rafting/kayaking/backpacking equipment rentals for students and the community. The Outdoor Program is an inclusive campus resource for all students, and is associated with Student Life. 

Outdoor Program Mission Statement

The Outdoor Program is an inclusive community that fosters personal growth through experiential programming, professional development, and the spirit of adventure for all SOU students.

Student-Led Trip Opportunities through the Outdoor Program: 

Mountain Biking
Ready to get on the trails but don't have a bike or the knowledge to get out there?  Sign up for one of the many Mountain Biking student-led trips and learn the basics, or improve with more advanced skills.  

The Pacific Northwest offers incredible scenery to hike, backpack, and snowshoe.  If you want to experience the backcountry on foot and sleep under the stars, then sign up for one of these student-led trips.  

Whitewater (Kayaking/Rafting)
Ready to explore the whitewater of famous Oregon rivers like the Umpqua, Rogue, Illinois, or Klamath?  Learn how to navigate the waters as you enjoy good friends and a solid sense of adventure. 

Rock Climbing
Reach new heights and push yourself to the limit on one of these student-led trips.  Learn all about climbing equipment and techniques that aid your ascent up epic rocks. 

Interested in adventures that aren't included in the above list? If you want to surf, paddleboard, spelunk, cross-country or backcountry ski, come check us out.  Come in to chat, tell us what you're interested in learning, and your desire may become a reality!

On Campus Resources: 

Gear Rentals
Don't let the excuse "Well, I don't have the right gear" hold you back anymore!  We have discounted prices for students (and community members) on gear ranging from backpacking gear, volleyball nets, hardshell and inflatable kayaks, and stand up paddleboards.  

Rental Reservation Form
[An email from one of our real-life human staff will be sent within 48 hours to
notify you of equipment availability and confirmation of your reservation.]

Equipment Pricing List

Bike Maintenance Shop
Need to repair that flat tire or change your peddles?  We have the tools for that.  And they're free to use by any students. 

We also have a bike mechanic here help teach you how to fix your bike available every Thursday from 12:30-5:00pm. His name is Mike. Just stop in with your bike during those hours or contact 541-631-9280 for questions. 

The sheer amount of opportunities for outdoor adventures is overwhelming in the Pacific Northwest.  Our staff and students are fantastic resources to offer suggestions for your next trip, or information about a current trip going out.   

Students from the Outdoor Program with evergreens and bright blue sky behind them.Students on a backpacking trip with light blue sky behind them.Students on a snowshoe adventure with their arms raised up. OP participants wearing life vests on the riverbank with kayaks in front of them.


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