Note:  We have updated our Rental Listing Prices!  Please be sure to check the updated form below. 
  • All rentals based on a daily rate up to 14 days (25% discount on rentals over 4 days): Rentals over 14 days will then be assessed on a weekly basis, with the 25% discount still applied. Please come by the Outdoor Program to check out gear from 10:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday. (Summer hours- Tuesday - Friday 10 AM - 4 PM.)
  • All whitewater gear must be reserved in advance! Use our new reservation form below, but feel free to call or stop by the OP with any questions.
  • Late fees: renter will be charged the daily rate listed for each day past the original due date (with the 25% discount still applied).
  • Payment: All student or faculty rentals can be charged to campus accounts. Community rentals can now be paid with cash, check, or card.
  • Repairs and Cleaning: For repairs and cleaning, fees will be determined by rental staff on a case by case basis. For items like tents and inflatable whitewater equipment, please allow approximately 20 minutes of inspection upon return. All whitewater gear must be transported clean or a cleaning fee will be added to your cost.
  • Damaged or Lost Equipment: The renter is responsible for the replacement at full retail value of any equipment rented under this agreement that is not returned or is unrepairable.

Rental Reservation Form

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