What to Pack Header

Outdoor adventures require being prepared with the right gear and clothing. These lists will help you to be as prepared as possible for your adventures.

If you have signed up for an adventure, you should receive a gear list via email, but you can also download a sample pack list below. Please choose the pack list that best describes the adventure you are planning for.

Depending on the location, current weather conditions, and other specifics of your adventure, some items on the list may not be necessary. Check with your trip leader or come in to the OP if you need more advice on what to pack. This is something that will be discussed at your pre-trip meeting as well.

We also understand that outdoor gear can be spendy - but we don't want this to inhibit you from exploring the beauty and adventure that awaits in the great outdoors. Here are some resources that may be helpful in finding more affordable gear:

Get N' Gear - This is a great place to go first when filling your outdoor needs. They have a variety of used gear including lots of the warm layers listed in many of these pack lists. Located at 340 A Street #8

Goodwill - Goodwill is always a good place to check for deals on used clothes. One is located at 639 Tolman Creek Road, right next to Shop N' Kart and there are two in Medford as well.

Freebox at the Ashland Recycling Center - This place is somewhat hit or miss but is always good to check in. Occasionally there are some great finds! Located at 220 Water St.

SOU Ski/Gear Swap - A great place to find reasonably priced ski/snowboard/winter gear along with lots of other lucky finds - AND you'll be supporting your SOU community and the Outdoor Program itself! Located on campus in the SU - contact the OP for more information and the date and time for the upcoming year.

Visit us at the Outdoor Program - Here at the OP we are always happy to help provide advice on some additional resources. We may also have the gear you need available for rent!