To dispute a parking citation, you must file an official appeal online via the parking portal. Appeals must be submitted within fifteen (15) calendar days of citation issuance. Appeals filed after 15 calendar days of issuance will not be accepted or considered under any circumstances. First appeals are reviewed by the Director of Campus Public Safety and Parking. Notice of the first appeal decision will be sent to you via email.

To dispute the first appeal decision, you have the option to file a second and final appeal. Final appeals are reviewed by the Transportation Planning and Parking Committee (TPPC) Board. Appearing in person at the hearing is not required, however you do have the option to appear in person at the second appeal hearing to speak to the board on behalf of your situation. When filling out the online appeal, make sure to indicate in the comments section if you would like to appear in person. The party appealing the citation may have legal counsel to present at the appeal hearing. If you do not indicate that you would like to appear in person, the board will review your written statement and make their decision based on that.


(1) Vehicles parked on campus with three or more outstanding parking citations may be booted or towed at the owner's expense.
(2) In order to identify the owner of vehicles with outstanding parking fines, the parking department will run the license plate through the DMV for the registered owner information. Outstanding fines will then be billed to the registered owner provided by the DMV. A DMV research fee of $10 will be added to the original outstanding fine amount.
(3) The right to purchase a permit or register for classes may be denied if any fines owing under these procedures remain unpaid.
(4) Vehicle owners who fail to pay their outstanding fines may be subjected to University collection policies and practices of up to and including assignment to an outside collection agency.
(5) Faculty/Staff outstanding citations will not be rolled over to their SOU account. Faculty/Staff must pay for their parking citations via SOU Parking.
(6) A faculty or staff member who fails to pay the University for any outstanding parking fines may have the fine deducted from his/her payroll check 30 days after written notice of the outstanding fines.
(7) Any University personnel or students may contact Parking Services to transfer responsibility for citations received by their guests to themselves. This in no way implies the fine will be suspended, only that the guest will not be billed or pursued to pay the fine. The University personnel or students will be responsible and have all avenues of appeal available as if the citation were issued to them personally.


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