Parking charges a fee for all events on campus, even those during evenings and weekends. Events can be paid for via the hosting group, or the individual event guests. That will be specified in the Event Parking Request form (located below). An "Event" is defined as any activity occurring on Southern Oregon University property which  requires use of parking spaces in SOU parking lots. This includes all Conferences, Concerts, Sports Games, Workshops, etc. Parking rules are enforced on campus at all times, including evenings and weekends. 

EVENT ATTENDEES: Click Here to view the parking events webpage to register your vehicle now for upcoming events on campus. If you do not see the event listed, please email with the name/date of the event.

EVENT COORDINATORS/HOSTING GROUP: You have the following two options for your event parking. After reading through the below descriptions, please fill out an Event Parking Request Form, and specify in the comments section which method you would like to use for your event. After submitting the EPR form, the Parking Department will contact you via email to verify details, and discuss any possible conflicts with other scheduled events. For the best chance of your event parking to get approved, please fill out the EPR form as far ahead from the event date as possible; it must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS in advance. 


Event attendees can register their license plate online ahead of time for an upcoming event:  

Setting up the Event: event coordinators will fill out an event parking request form will the date(s) (as far ahead of time as you want) for your events on campus (include dates and specific time the event is taking place). I will then create the event and send you a parking registration link for each event. Specify if you want the group to pay, or each guest to pay themselves (explained below). Also specify if you want the event link to be private or public (explained below).

How it Works: When people click on the link they can register their vehicle ahead of time for the event they plan to attend. After successful registration, our system is updated to know that vehicle license plate is valid to park on campus during the time of that event.

Cost for Registration: Evening event parking permits cost the same price that one would pay at a parking meter or via the PayByPhone App: $1.00 per hour. The duration of the event (how many hours it lasts) dictates the price that each registrant pays. As an example, if the event they register for is scheduled from 6pm-9pm, once they are redirected to the payment gateway they will be required to pay $3.00 in order to complete registration for parking.

The event portal offers the following payment options:

GROUP PAY: For Guest Parking Group pays for guests’ parking (invoiced after event for the number of vehicles that registered through the link). If you choose this option, the guest clicks on the event link, registers their license plate number, and clicks submit without having to pay. The group is then invoiced after the event, and is charged the hourly rate, for each vehicle that registered through the link.

GUEST PAY: Each Registrant Pays Each guest pays individually for their parking at the time they register. If you choose this option, the guest clicks on the event link, registers their license plate, clicks submit, and is then directed to the payment gateway where they then pay via credit/debit card.

Click Here for Detailed Instructions: Event Registration Directions


Event attendees can register their license plate on site at one of the parking meters when they arrive for the event. (NOTE: This option is not ideal for large events).

GUEST PAY: Each Registrant enters their license plate number at the meter and pays the hourly rate; or

GROUP PAY: Each guest enters code at meter (code given to them ahead of time) and registers license plate at no charge. The group is later charged based on how many times the code was used. 


A reduced rate is offered for departments who wish to pay the parking for their guests via their index code. If a department is hosting an event, but wants the attendees to pay for their parking, the guests are expected to pay the standard rate at one of the parking meters on campus. Submitting an event request form does not guarantee that your event will be approved. After submission you will receive an email from the parking event coordinator to discuss further arrangements. matrix1

If you are an outside group (non-SOU affiliate) and would like to arrange parking for your upcoming event on campus, please email to arrange payment options and lot availability. 


SOU Parking Services
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