Parking charges a fee for all events on campus, even those during evenings and weekends. A reduced rate is offered for departments who wish to pay the parking for their guests via their index code. If a department is hosting an event, but wants the attendees to pay for their parking, the guests are expected to pay the standard rate at one of the parking meters on campus. Please fill out the following event parking request form, at least two weeks in advance, and explain if you would like the department to pay or the guests. 

"Event" is defined as any activity occurring on Southern Oregon University property which  requires use of parking spaces in SOU parking lots. This includes all Conferences, Workshops, and Entertainment as examples. 

Online Parking Event Request Form

All parking lots are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Make your guests and event attendees feel welcome by providing ample parking space that doesn't interrupt the visit to the SOU Campus.

Southern Oregon University departments hosting meetings or events on campus should arrange parking for guests/participants through the events coordinator:

  1. Submit your request via the Parking Sevices on-line form.
  2. The Parking Events Coordinator will process your on-line form. You will be contacted to clarify details if necessary.
  3. When the event has been scheduled and parking needs priced, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with parking/cost details.
  4. After the event is complete, fees will be processed via a J.V. from your specified Index code.

If you have any questions, the parking event coordinator can be contacted at 541-552-6666, or email

Please Note: If you are not part of an SOU department and do not have an index code, but would like to request to reserve a parking lot for an event, please email to discuss payment options prior to reserving the lot.

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