ATTENTION STUDENTS - The following gives information on the Spring term parking fee adjustments due to remote delivery of classes.  Please read thoroughly and contact Parking Services with any questions.

President Schott announced in an email last week that students will not be assessed parking fees for spring term, as many students won’t need to physically come to or park on campus due to the remote deliver of classes. We will refund the portion of virtual permits that apply to spring term for students who do not need to park on campus.

How do I request my refund?
If you have purchased an annual virtual permit or a spring term virtual permit and will not need to park on campus during spring term, please send an email to to request your refund (please include your name and student ID number). We will process your refund and send you confirmation as soon as it is processed. Please be patient as we work through the requests.

The refund will be applied to the original form of payment, so if you selected “tuition charge” as your form of payment when purchasing your permit, your refund will be applied to your student account. If you used a credit card as your original form of payment, your refund will be applied to the credit card that was used. Please allow two to three weeks for credit card refunds to process.

How much will my refund be?
Student commuter annual permits (including carpool) – Commuter students who will not be coming to campus due to remote delivery will be eligible for refunds. Annual permits are based on four quarters (fall, winter, spring, and summer), so the total cost of the annual permit will be divided by the four quarters and one quarter (spring term) will be refunded. For example, the purchase price for a student commuter annual permit is $140, divided into the four quarters is $35 per quarter, so a $35 refund will be applied to the original form of payment.

Student commuter spring term permits – Spring term permits are eligible for a full refund to the original form of payment.

Student Resident Annual Permits – Resident students who will not be living in the residence halls due to remote delivery will be eligible for a refund for the spring term portion of their annual permits.

Student Resident Spring Term Permits – Resident students who will not be living in the residence halls due to remote delivery will be eligible for a full refunds to their original form of payment.

Will parking still be enforced?
Yes, parking will be enforced as usual on campus through spring term. If you park on campus, you will need a virtual permit. If you do not have a student permit, parking meters are located in parking lots 1, 12, 29, 36, 37 and 41 to pay with credit/debit cards or coin. PayByPhone is also available via the PayByPhone app to pay for parking with a credit/debit card. PayByPhone is available in all student commuter and visitor zones at all times, but is only available in Faculty/Staff zones during non-business hours (6 p.m. to 6 a.m., and weekends). 

Do I need to pay for parking to just drop something off?
Payment is required to park for any length of time in spaces that require a permit. There are numerous timed parking spaces throughout campus that are available at no charge for the listed time limit. These spaces are helpful for short stays (such as dropping off paperwork, or meeting with faculty or staff). The spaces are monitored and enforced.

What if I work on campus as a student?
Parking on campus will still require a virtual permit – either a student permit or meter permit. All parking zones will be enforced as usual. Parking along the city streets around campus does not require a permit.

Please email if you do not need to park on campus and would like a parking refund for spring term. We will NOT automatically refund permits, because we may not know who will still need to park on campus.

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to reach out to us by email at with any concerns or questions you may have.



 2019-2020 Virtual Parking Permits are Now Available to Purchase!

Students/Employees: To purchase a permit log into Inside SOU and click on the "Parking" link, located under "Online Services" menu. For further information about campus parking zones and your permit eligibility, please refer to the "Parking Permits: Long Term" tab. 

Visitors/Guests: To learn more information about visitor parking lots and permits (for those who are not current SOU students or employees), please refer to the "Parking Permits: Short Term" tab.

The SOU Parking Department is self-sustainable, as mandated by the State of Oregon, and does not receive any public or SOU general funds to support it. This is why there is no free parking on campus. The costs of salaries, resurfacing, painting, and regular parking lot maintenance is paid for through parking permit sales, event fees, and citation and meter revenue.

Parking rules on Southern Oregon University property are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes Summer Term and Federally Recognized Holidays. Parking on campus is first come first serve, buying a virtual parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space.


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