parking permits are available for purchase online via InsideSOU. Use MasterCard/VISA, e-payment (e-check from your checking or savings account), or your SOU account to purchase a decal or hang tag. We will process your order in five to seven days and send it to you via the US Postal Service. There is no charge for shipping. 

We have provided detailed instructions below. Please call our Parking Services representative at 552-6995 if you have any questions.

To Purchase parking permits online:

  1. Log on to InsideSOU.
    Note: If you have never logged into InsideSOU before, please see below.
  2. In the Online Services channel, click Parking Self Service.
  3. Click Permit Menu.
  4. Choose the appropriate term from the Please Select a Term drop down box.
  5. Click the Continue button.
  6. Select your desired permit from the Permit Options drop down box.
  7. Click the Continue button.
  8. If the vehicle for which you are buying a permit is listed in the Select a Vehicle section, you can choose the button next to that vehicle.  Otherwise, please enter all of the information in the Add a Vehicle section.
  9. Click the Continue button.
  10. Review your information in the popup window.  If everything is correct, click OK.
  11. The vehicle will now appear in the Select Vehicle section.  Click the button that corresponds to your vehicle.
  12. Select yes or no for the Mail Permit option.
  13. Click the Purchase Permit button.
  14. Review your permit purchase in the popup box.  If everything is correct, click OK.
  15. If you selected NO for the mail permit option, you will now see a printable temporary permit.  Your decal or hang tag permit will be available for pickup in the Enrollment Services Center as soon as 10 am the next business day.
  16. If you selected YES for the mail permit option either:
    1. Click the Use This Address button next to the address that has been auto-filled from the student information system or
    2. Enter a new address in the lower section and click Use This Address next to that section.  
    3. Please Note:  Parking Services will not fulfill inter-campus mail requests.  Also, permits that are returned due to insufficient mailing addresses will be held in the Enrollment Services Center for pickup and will not be re-mailed.
  17. You will now see a printable temporary permit.  Your decal or hang tag permit will be available for pickup in the Enrollment Services Center as soon as 10 am the next business day.

During high volume times of the school year (for instance, the beginning of each term) please allow 5-7 days for processing.

First-time login


Please contact your supervisor.  They have been provided with your username and a temporary password as well as instructions for resetting your password to a permanent one.  If you encounter any issues, please contact your IT Coordinator whose contact information may be obtained through your supervisor or a colleague.


Please follow the instructions found here.

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 (541) 552-6911 (Evenings and Weekends)
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