parking permits are available for purchase online via SISWeb. Use MasterCard/VISA, e-payment (e-check from your checking or savings account), or your SOU account to purchase a decal or hang tag. We will process your order in five to seven days and send it to you via the US Postal Service. There is no charge for shipping. 

We have provided detailed instructions below. Please call our Parking Services representative at 552-6995 if you have any questions.

To Purchase parking permits online:

1. Log on to SISWeb.
Note: If you are a faculty/staff member and have never logged on to SISWeb, see instructions for first-time login below.

2. Click “Purchasing.”

3. Click “Make Purchase.”

4. (a) Choose the type of permit.
(b) Click the Continue button.

5. (a) Select your purchase options:

  • Delivery
  • Payment method (MC/VISA, e-payment, SOU account)
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle make, model, color, and year
  • State registered

(b) Click the Continue button.

6. (a) Choose your address.
(b) Click the Continue button.

7. Review your information on the Purchase Summary screen.

8. Click the Make Purchase button.

9. Complete any payment information.

You will also see options to check the status of your purchase.
Allow 5-7 days for processing. Permit will be sent via the US Postal Service to the address you selected

First-time login for faculty and staff

  1. Access the SISWeb login screen:
    (a) Visit
    (b) Click “Student Info System.”
    (c) Click “Log On.”
  2. Log on for the first time:
    (a) Enter your ID; use your network login name, your social security number,
    or your new generated SOU ID number.
    (b) Enter your PIN; for first-time login, your PIN is your birth date (MMDDYY).
    Note: If your birth date is not in the system, use the last six digits of your new
    generated SOU ID number. If you don’t know that ID number, go to .
  3. Change your PIN for the first time:
    (a) Enter the Old PIN (your birth date MMDDYY or last six digits of generated
    SOU ID number).
    (b) Enter your New PIN (six characters).
    (c) Re-enter New PIN.
  4. First-time login only: Complete the Login Verification Security Question and
    Answer screen.
  5. First-time login only: Complete the Terms of Usage screen.
    Note: If you accept the terms of usage, click the Continue button.
    If you do not accept the terms of usage, click the Exit button.
  6. If you accepted the terms of usage, you can now go on to purchase a parking
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