B. S. Electronic Physics, University of San Francisco; 1959-1963
M. S. Electrical Engineering, University of Santa Clara; 1964-1973



2001-Present            Southern Oregon University                  Ashland, OR
Assistant Professor – Physics/Engineering


1998-2000                 Mission Community College                      Santa Clara, CA
Adjunct Professor – Physics/Engineering


                                     Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space            Sunnyvale, CA
1996-1998                  Senior Staff Engineer, Ordnance Engineering.  Consulted on high voltage exploding bridgewire technology and Laser Initiated Ordnance applications.


1993-1996                  Supervisor of Missile System Ordnance Engineering Group


1987-1993                  Program Engineer, U. S. Navy Trident Missile Program.  Coordinating technical issues for electronic and ordnance hardware for missile programs.


1968-1983                  Design Engineer.  Provided design direction for electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
testing and requisite shielding approaches for electonic devices; design direction for high voltage electro-explosive ordnance devices; and engineering direction for laser initiated ordnance system studies.

                                               EG&G Electro-Optics                                    Salem, MA

1967-1968                  Project Engineer.  Provided design and manufacturing directionfor various high voltage spark gap products

                                               Lockheed Missiles & Space Company            Sunnyvale, CA

1963-1967                  Engineer.  Coordinated electro-explosive ordinance design and test programs.



Electro-mechanical Piezoelectric Firing Unit (1966)  A Belleville spring loaded unit with high impact on a piezoelectric stack to generate a 2000 volt-0.5 uF energy source for electro-explosive ordnance initiation.
Simultaneous Triggered High Voltage Spark Gap System (1973)   A 400 kilovolt switching system for simultaneous switching (within seven nano seconds) of  slave gaps in an EMP simulator.

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