Wu and SOU students prepare

Dr. Peter Wu and SOU students Ryan Cleveland (center) and Cody Mitchell-Chavez (left) prepare for the Materials Workshop.

The Glider Project

Materials  Workshop participants investigate the glider Wu will use for the NASA-sponsered Balloon (glider) Project.

Will Oursler

Participant Will Oursler from St. Mary's HS in Medford watches copper as it boils and begins to evaporate.

Evaporating Copper

All look on at the result of their experiment.

 Charpy Testing

Cody Mitchell-Chavez (SOU student) help's Max Kiss orient his steel specimen in the Charpy Tester.

Max Kiss

As Dr. George Quainoo draws a simple cubic crystal structure on the board, Max looks at the fracture surface of the specimen.  Later, he will look at it much more closely using the Scanning Electron Microscope with Dr. Ellen Siem. 

The Participants and SOU student Ryan Cleveland

SOU student Ryan Cleveland draws a diagram on the chalkboard to show the students how the microhardness tester works. 

Jen Brown

SOU student Jen Brown (left) demonstrates her successful use of solar cells to generate electricity.  We listened to the music powered by her solar panels outside of the entrance to the Science Building.

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