Scroll down to see the line up of the workshops and series coming up in 2022-23.  Starting in fall, there will be 2 virtual and 1 in person workshops on Communication for New Leaders, Thriving in Changing Times, and Dynamic Empowerment.  We are excited to be offering The Emotionally Strong Leader series based on Carolyn Stern's new book coming out in the fall.  Coming up in 2023, Carolyn Stern will lead Coaching with Emotional Intelligence in a 3 part series.  Carolyn will be leading Creating High Performing Teams, and Leading Teams with Emotional Intelligence.  In 2023, don't miss Dr. Lucy Houghton's Nature of LeadingTM workshop.  Christopher Harding will be leading The Power of Mindset in April 2023.   More details are below. 

We offer custom workshops as well, so please email us at to set up a time to meet with Stacey to discuss this further.  

Register now for Dare to Lead™ - Become a More Courageous Leader

Dates: July 12 to August 30, 2022 with Cynthia Scherr

Time:  Tuesdays 3:00-5:30pm via Zoom

Would you like to immerse yourself in the work of Brené Brown and become Dare to Lead™Trained?

Completing this eight-week class will earn you a Dare to Lead™ Trained certificate and badge to put on your LinkedIn profile or website. Classes will use the Dare to Lead™ videos and workbook available only to Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitators. Each 2.5 hour class will cover courage building skills and in-depth work on how to apply those skills in your leadership role. We will cover the full Dare to Lead™ curriculum, including moving from Armored Leadership to Daring Leadership, Grounded Confidence, Self-Awareness and Emotional Literacy, Shame Resilience, Living into our Values, Rumbling Skills, Braving Trust and Learning to Rise. In order to receive a certificate and badge, participants must attend all eight sessions from July 12-August 30 on Tuesdays at 3:00pm to 5:30pm. Each class will require about 30 minutes of preparation. Registration is limited to 20 participants.

Cynthia Scherr, Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and management consultant with Scherr Management Consulting, will facilitate the course. Cynthia has over 25 years of experience as an executive coach, organizational development consultant and strategic planner. She is drawn to Brené Brown's work because of the potential it has to bring positive change to the lives of individuals and organizations. See for her bio  Cost: $1595.  Click here to register

Testimonials about Dare to Lead™ - Become a More Courageous Leader led by Cynthia Scherr, Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator

"Our entire leadership team took the Dare to Lead course with Cynthia As a manufacturer, we are pretty good at engineering the vulnerability out of systems, but to speak up and be vulnerable in leadership is hard. DTL has given us the tools to do just that, from “the story I’m telling myself…” to “paint done,” we’re making better data-based decisions and building a culture of positive communication and trust. Courageous leadership enables a fast-growing company like ours to excel."- Tyler

"What did I love about this course? WHAT DIDN'T I LOVE ABOUT THIS COURSE???!!! Cynthia Scherr is a skilled and engaging facilitator who creates a safe and fun environment to learn and grow. The course challenged me to abandon what I thought I knew about myself and leadership. It shifted valuable perspectives. Most importantly, it clearly outlined the practical application of principles that have improved all of my relationships, not just my professional ones. Brené Brown's work speaks to the heart but breaks it down to brass tacks."- Kelly 

 "I believe every professional, especially in leadership, should take this course. With Cynthia’s guidance, this program helped me learn through practical application of the knowledge, using my own and other’s experiences. The program is beneficial to my everyday work as a Human Resources Leader and will be beneficial to anyone in both their professional and personal life. It helped me and my team increase empathy and learn new ways of building trust, while also preparing for difficult, yet productive conversations. Whether you read the book or not, you will leave this course more courageous than before!" - Miriam

"Taking this course with Cynthia was an invaluable investment in my personal and professional development. She effectively communicated DTL wisdom and practice while artfully drawing on the collective wisdom of the class. Every week presented opportunities to actively engage, reflect, and respond to new challenges on the journey to daring leadership. I highly recommend this course to both experienced and emerging leaders."- Donna


Professional Development workshops 2022-2023:

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" It was well worth the price of admission and the 3 hours dedicated to it!  The instructor, Carolyn Stern, was fantastic!   This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. I highly recommend we pay attention to these workshops SOU has to offer. "  - Brenda

“As someone who is not a fan of virtual workshops, Carolyn is by far the best online instructor that I have ever attended a virtual class with. Her classes are informative, interactive, and engaging where there are always some great takeaways afterwards. I highly recommend her workshops, as the skills I have gained are critical to anyone looking to enhance their leadership abilities.” - Carrie


Professional Development workshops 2021-2022:

Past Professional Development workshops offered in 2019-2021:

Past Workshop Topics:

Developing Intelligent Teams: How to Maximize Impact and Get Results
Thriving in the Midst of Change While Maintaining Work-Life Quality 
It's a Matter of Mindset:  Three Critical Perspectives that Drive Effective Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) 
Project Management Fundamentals 
Presentation Skills for Professionals 
It's a Matter of Mindset: Three Critical Perspectives that Drive Effective Quality & Continuous Improvement
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Project Management and Metrics
Responsibility, Empowerment, and Accountability: Three Secrets Effective Leaders Know and Apply

Other Workshops to Meet Your Needs:

Do you have other management training needs specific to your leadership team?  What are your development needs and goals?  Do you need help with strategically planning your development?   Our network of professional development specialists can build content especially for you. We can also pull in topic specialists from across the Northwest to meet specialized needs.  Email

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