We are excited for the line up of workshops coming up in 2022.  The Emotional Intelligence workshop series still has 4 more workshops coming up, so register now!  Some of the topics will include Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Leadership, and Dare to LeadTM.  Please email professional@sou.edu if there is a topic that you would like to see in 2021-22.  We offer custom workshops as well, so please email us at professional@sou.edu to set up a time to meet with Stacey to discuss this further.  

Professional Development workshops 2021:


Past Professional Development workshops offered in 2019-2021:

Past Workshop Topics:

Developing Intelligent Teams: How to Maximize Impact and Get Results
Thriving in the Midst of Change While Maintaining Work-Life Quality 
It's a Matter of Mindset:  Three Critical Perspectives that Drive Effective Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) 
Project Management Fundamentals 
Presentation Skills for Professionals 
It's a Matter of Mindset: Three Critical Perspectives that Drive Effective Quality & Continuous Improvement
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Project Management and Metrics
Responsibility, Empowerment, and Accountability: Three Secrets Effective Leaders Know and Apply

Other Workshops to Meet Your Needs:

Do you have other management training needs specific to your leadership team? Our network of professional development specialists can build content especially for you. We can also pull in topic specialists from across the Northwest to meet specialized needs.  Email professional@sou.edu.

For more information call 541-552-8118 (Stacey) or email professional@sou.edu.

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