Training or Panel Request:

Trainings and panels are available to present to and interact with your class, department, or organization. Training opportunities and panels help share information about the diversity of sexualities, genders, and gender expressions as well as to build a greater knowledge base and understanding of the breadth of queer and trans identities. If you are interested in offering a training or panel to your class, department, or organization please fill out the below  request form. 

Be an outspoken ally at SOU!

We need the help of our allies to help cultivate an open and safe campus community. Very often members of our community simply do not know that they are making actions or using language that can cause risk to queer people.

Ally Trainings occur at least once per term. If you are interested in scheduling a training particular to the needs of your group or organization, please contact our Coordinator.

We have gathered some material to help our hopeful allies spread the word about how to build a strong and inclusive community. These pages will help you to learn and laugh with us, and help to make a safe place for everyone.

Learn about the Ally Continuum and see where actions and responses toward queer people lie between homophobia to support and protection.

There are a lot of small, simple things that everyone can do to be a better Ally.

You can help make safe spaces for trans* people by keeping a few things in mind.


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