T.J. Jourian is a social justice scholar, advocate, and consultant, having spoken, taught, and facilitated trainings at hundreds of college campuses, conferences, and community-based organizations around the country. As a queer Middle Eastern Armenian transman, T.J.'s passion lies with supporting, learning from, and participating in justice and liberation work that is critical, intersectional, empowering, and dynamic - much like what he aims to deliver through his own work.


Keynote Address:

Being Brown About It: An Intersectional Trans*Formation

What does it mean and look like for trans activism to have a leader-FULL movement centered in intersectional justice? With a little foray into the history of intersectionality and the wisdoms of Black women, this talk presents the many possibilities and potentials for all of us for collective liberation.

Faculty/Staff Workshop:

From Accessing to Shaping: Rethinking Trans 'Inclusion' at College Campuses

Efforts towards trans inclusion are often enacted through an individual rights framework that does little to unsettle institutional cisnormativity and cissexism. This talk will discuss the limits of the individual rights framework and what a critical trans politics has to offer us instead.


TJ 11x17 Final

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