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The mission of the Queer Resource Center of Southern Oregon University is to provide visible and accessible advocacy for the needs of queer students while expanding awareness and knowledge of queer issues on campus and in our community. The QRC works to encourage relationship building and support systems in order to empower every person to have a positive university experience, to grow as a self-aware individual, and to be a responsible community member.

Everyone is welcome to access, visit, and utilize resources offered through the Queer Resource Center.

The QRC is located on the bottom floor of the Stevenson Union on the Southern Oregon University campus.

You are welcome to visit the Center. We offer a comfortable space to relax, meet new people, study, and access resources.

Let's be friends! Connect with us on Facebook: facebook.com/sou.qrc

We are sensitive to potential privacy needs for users of the Center. All visitors, phone calls, and e-mails are handled with a certain degree of confidentiality. We have a number of staff members who are able to assist you. If you feel you need for extra confidentiality, please e-mail our Coordinator directly.