All games will take place in the McNeal Gymnasium.
Registration (1/9 - 1/20)
Projected start date 1/23 and 1/24




Please wear proper footwear when participating in our league. This will help preserve the life of the floor. Also, make an effort not to leave trash behind after your game is over. The athletic department is kind enough to allow us to use their facilities, so it's our responsibility to sustain the upkeep. Upon conclusion of the final game McNeal will be closed. Please make an effort to exit in a timely fashion to minimize risk. Participants found to be intentionally stretching the time may be subject to suspension from the league.


Teams need at least 5 players to be a fully registered team. At game time 4 will be acceptable to start game play. Please check-in with the scorekeeper at the beginning of every game to ensure the integrity of the league is kept, as well as to help us keep consistent statistics. If you show up late you also must check-in with the scorekeeper before entering the game. The scorekeeper will have all the current roster sheets so new additions at game time will not be accepted.


    • The game starts with a jump ball.
    • Teams are allowed to play “man-to-man” or zone defense.
    • Five seconds in the key will be enforced.
    • Dunking is allowed, while hanging on the rim is prohibited.
    • 3point shots will count as long as the shooter's shoes aren't touching the line. All 3point shots will be indicated by a referee.
    • The team with possession can call timeout while the game is in play, while either team can call time out during a dead ball.
    • Substitutions can only be made when the ball is not in play.
    • Shooting fouls will results in 2 free throws.
    • Non-shooting fouls will result in the ball being put back into play from out of bounds.
    • Individual fouls will be assessed and will be recorded by the scorekeeper. Each player is limited to 6 fouls, after which he/she will be out fouled out of the game.
    • Flagrant fouls with intention to harm may result in ejection from the game, decided at the official's discretion, and possible expulsion of the league based on the Recreation Coordinator's fair judgment.



The game consists of two 20 minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop inside of 2 minutes during the second half for games with a score differential of 10 points or less. Time stoppage will be on dead balls, free throws and timeouts. Each team is allowed two 30 second timeouts per half that don't roll over. There will be a 5 minute half time. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, there will be a 3 minute overtime period. Each team will receive one more timeout for the overtime period as well. If the tie is not broken after the first overtime period the game will be declared a tie.

FYI: If a tie occurs during the playoffs, play will continue until there is a winner. Each overtime period will be 3 minutes, and each team will have one timeout per overtime period.


Based on the regular season standings teams will be placed into a winner's and a loser's single elimination bracket.


If any concerns, problems or questions arise don't hesitate to contact Marquis Malcom, the Recreation Coordinator at

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