Games will be played in the outfield of the softball diamond.
Registration (Sept. 22nd –Oct. 5th)
Projected start date (Oct. 7th)
All-Star Day (Nov. 12th)
All-Star Day will take place before the start of playoffs on the varsity field. All ballots will be issued and collected in the same week. Any ballots submitted after this time will not be accepted.




Game play will take place on a smaller than regulation sized field. (30 yards wide by 80 yards long.) Each end-zone is 10 yards long while each side is divided into two 15 yard increments indicating first downs. Game balls and flags will be provided; however a personal ball can be used if agreed upon by both teams.


Teams are allowed up to 6 players, maximum, on the field at a time. 5 players are standard. The number of players must be agreed upon by the competing teams at the coin toss. Teams don’t have to be in similar uniforms but team unity and creativity is highly encouraged.

  1. Shirts must be tucked in and/or not covering the flag belt.
  2. The flag belt must have 3 hanging flags positioned with one on each hip and one as a tail.
  3. Molded or detachable cleats are permitted and encouraged to prevent injury. NO metal spikes, NO exceptions!

FYI: You will be warned before the game to have your shirts tucked in. If your shirt is consistently untucked during game play, your team may be penalized.


Games will start at the scheduled time, and on time. Please give yourself ample time (at least 10-15 minutes) to stretch and warm-up before your game. Games consist of two 20 minute running clock halves. The clock will stop only in the last two minutes of the half and the last two minutes of the game. Each team has two timeouts per half that don’t roll over periods. Both sides of the ball can substitute or call timeout, but only between plays and before the ball is snapped.


You have 4 downs to advance the ball past each 15 yard increment to start a new set of downs.

Passing: Anybody on offense can throw the ball as long as they are behind the line of scrimmage and the ball hasn’t passed the line of scrimmage. The center must hike the ball to the QB. The QB has a maximum of 12 seconds to throw the ball if there is no rush coming from the defense.

Rushing: Anybody on offense can rush the ball with the exception of the quarterback. The only time the quarterback can rush is when he is blitzed. In the event a flag falls off or the ball is fumbled, the play is whistled dead at that spot.

Receiving: All players are eligible to receive the ball, center included. Receptions are counted as in college football, only one foot inbounds is required with full possession.

Blocking: Blocking is legal. The blocker’s arms cannot be extended and their elbows must be pointed down. There is no pushing, shoving or holding of any kind allowed. Doing so will result in a penalty. Proper blocking is similar to a moving screen in basketball. The center is allowed to protect the QB from any defender.


If you stop the offense on 4th down you take over where the line of scrimmage is.

Rushing the Passer: There is a standing “7 Raider” count in effect at the snap of the ball carried out by whoever on the defense is rushing. Usually there is a defender assigned to the QB with this responsibility. The Raider count should be clear and coherent and the defender should never come in contact with the QB while in throwing motion. If there is no rush, no count is needed.

Blitzing: The defense is allowed one blitz per set of downs. The blitzing defender must be approx. 10 yards away in any direction from the ball before its hiked. Any player on defense can blitz.

Press Coverage: Press coverage is allowed, but bumping is prohibited outside of the goal line (last 15 yard increment going in). In goal line situations defenders are allowed to put one hand on the receiver within 5 yards, but it can not be a strike, or push with excessive force.


Kickoffs: Kickoffs only take place at the beginning of the game and at halftime. After a PAT the opposing team will start on their 5 yard line. It can be kicked like a punt.

PAT (Point after TD): After a TD the scoring team will have the option of going for 1 or 2 points. The ball is placed at the 7 yard line for 1 point and it MUST be a pass. The ball is placed at the 15 yard mark and can be a run or pass for 2 points.

Punt: The offense can punt on any down, but it can NOT be a secret or a fake.


TD = 6 points
PAT from 7 yard line = 1 point
PAT from 15 yard line = 2 points
Safety = 2 points
FYI: If a flag is pulled or there is a fumble in the end zone it constitutes a safety. If the defensive team intercepts the PAT attempt and returns it for a score, they will receive the points attempted.


Offside = 5 yard penalty and repeat the down.
Pass interference = 10 yard penalty and automatic 1st down.
Tackling = 15 yard penalty.
Roughing the passer = 10 yard penalty and automatic 1st down.
Illegal blitz = 5 yard penalty and repeat the down.
Unsportsmanlike conduct = 15 yard penalty and automatic 1st down.


False start = 5 yard penalty and repeat the down.
Flag guarding/Stiff arming = 5 yard penalty from spot of ball and loss of down.
Holding/Illegal block = 10 yard penalty and repeat down.
Illegal forward pass = 10 yard penalty and loss of down.
Hurdling = 5 yard penalty and repeat the down.
Pass interference = 10 yard penalty and loss of down.
Unsportsmanlike conduct = 15 yard penalty and loss of down.


A coin flip determines who gets the choice of possession. Each team is given one possession from its opponent's 15 yard line with 4 downs. Extra points are still counted. The team leading after both possessions is declared the winner. If the teams remain tied, the overtime periods continue. First possession alternates until one team leads the other at the end of the overtime. Starting with the third overtime, a one point conversion after a touchdown is no longer allowed, forcing teams to attempt a two-point conversion after a touchdown from the 15 yard line.


If any concerns, problems or questions arise don't hesitate to contact Marquis Malcom, the Recreation Coordinator at

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