Membership Eligibility


These are the following Student Membership categories:

  • SOU Student – Students who are paying the full Student Recreation Center fee are automatically eligible members of the SRC (upon activation).
  • SOU Student - Students who are not paying the full Student Recreation Center fee are able to purchase a membership by paying their SRC fee at the Information Desk.
  • Recent Graduate – Students who were enrolled in 2017/2018 and were paying the full SRC fee and graduated by June of 2018 are eligible to purchase a Recent Grad membership that extends SRC membership for up to four (4) subsequent terms.


Current faculty/staff of SOU are eligible to purchase a SRC Faculty/Staff membership. SOU Faculty/Staff who are also SOU students must purchase the Faculty/Staff membership in order to use the facility unless they are paying the full SRC fee.


  • Registered a certificate of their domestic partnership under Oregon law; or
  • Signed and submitted to the member’s agency a notarized Affidavit of Domestic Partnership declaring that both meet all the following criteria:
    • Are both at least 18 years of age;
    • Are responsible for each other's welfare and are each other’s sole domestic partners;
    • Are not married to anyone ;
    • Share a close personal relationship and are not related by blood closer than would bar marriage in the State of Oregon;
    • Currently share the same regular permanent residence; and
    • Are jointly financially responsible for basic living expenses defined as the cost of food, shelter and any other expenses of maintaining a household. Financial information must be provided if requested.


A person who qualifies under IRS guidelines as the legal dependent of a student, faculty, or staff member who has a current SRC membership may be eligible to purchase a SRC Dependent membership. The following eligibility rules apply to dependents:

  • Ages 0-17
    Dependents ages 0-17 are not eligible for membership.
  • Ages 18
    Dependents ages 18+ are eligible to purchase a SRC Dependent membership. Dependents ages 18+ are eligible for most services and programs, with the exception of specifically designed, age- appropriate programs.

Community Members

We do not want to compete with local fitness centers and businesses that offer similar services. Community members cannot purchase SRC membership.

Unique Access

SRC allows access to facilities for visiting individuals or groups and limited duration employees or volunteers who do not qualify for a SOU ID card. Contact the SRC to discuss the specifics of your situation.

For clarification on these categories, or for any other membership or access questions, please contact the SRC.

Membership Fees and Payment Options

*Please note: We will begin selling Faculty Staff memberships June 1, 2018.

Membership type


Payment method

SOU Students paying the SRC


Included in SRC fee

Assessed with tuition and fees

per term

SOU Students not paying the

SRC fee/Recent Grads

$95 per term

Cash, Banner, Credit Card

Faculty, Staff, Dependents

$40 per month

Cash, Banner, Check, Credit Card

Assumption of Risk (AoR)

  • All members and participants in the SRC must complete a AoR prior to entering the facility. A current AoR is required for all members and participants.

Purchasing a Membership

SRC membership(s) must be activated or purchased at the SRC. Membership is sold to each individual separately.

Each individual member must have their own valid membership in order to access and use the facilities. Partners and dependents of faculty, staff and students will activate their biometric identification system at the SRC Front Desk after activating or purchasing their membership.

Charging to Banner Account

  • Option 1: no-end date membership, deducted monthly.
  • Option 2: membership with June 30th end date deducted monthly until June 30th. ideal for Faculty who do not teach over the summer. This membership will require yearly reactivation.

Banner account deduction for membership is a package commitment and cannot be stopped except for documented illness, injury, termination of employment or relocation out of Ashland area.

Documentation will be required. If a membership is cancelled due to one of the above circumstances, the banner cancellation will take place at the end of the month. Non-use of the facility does not qualify as an above circumstance. Membership cancellation processes are handled at the SRC front desk. SRC Refund policy is consistent with the Service Center Refund schedule.


Once you have applied the SRC non-student membership charges, you are responsible for payment. To cancel your non-student membership please visit the SRC front desk. Campus Recreation refund policy is consistent with the Service Center Refund schedule.

Purchase of locker service is non-refundable.

Special circumstances such as medical issues, leaving the university or emergency situations may justify an exception to the general rule and will be handled on a case-by-case basis if immediate notification is given.

Non-use of the facility does not qualify as a special circumstance.

Refunds are first applied to student/SOU banner account balance. If a zero balance is present a check will be mailed.

Guest Pass refunds can be granted within the first ten (10) minutes of access.


  • For entry to facility and events, members must have a current biometric identification or have purchased a guest pass.
  • Spectators are allowed to enter the facility free of charge to observe participants in scheduled, fee-based, non-academic instructional or sport programs.
  • Entry may be refused or privileges suspended or revoked with sufficient cause.
  • Individuals using an ID other than their own to gain access to the SRC may have privileges suspended for both the individual using the false ID and the valid member.

Guest Pass

Guest passes are available for those sponsored as mentioned below for individuals 18+ of age.

Each guest must be accompanied by a current SRC member during their entire visit and each visit that same day. If the guest is a minor then they should be with their sponsor/group at all times.

The current SRC member must be present at time of payment for guest to be allowed entrance. SRC staff reserves the right to deny access to a guest.

Members may sponsor up to 3 guests to join them in the facilities per day. Guests may be required to present a driver’s license or other photo ID to purchase a day pass.

Guests are not permitted to solicit students or members to sponsor access into the facility.

The member is responsible for their guests. Failure to follow member guidelines and responsibilities will result in loss of privileges of the facility. No refunds will be given.

Intentional destruction of property by any guest or member will be charged to the sponsoring member for the amount equal to replacement of the property.



Payment method

Guest pass (age 18+)


SRC cashier



The following guidelines have been established by Campus Recreation to ensure the fair and consistent treatment of all participants. Questions about guidelines should be directed to a Campus Recreation staff member. It is each member’s responsibility to read and understand all general and area-specific Campus Recreation rules & regulations.

SRC building-wide guidelines

  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in the Student Recreation Center (SRC).
  • Being under the influence of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited in the SRC.

Damaged or Unreturned Equipment

  • Equipment that is lost will be billed to the individual to whom it was checked out.
  • Damaged equipment (ie. walls, mirrors, weight or cardio equipment, etc) will be assessed to the individual who caused the damage at current retail prices for repair or replacement.
  • All equipment is due back to the SRC Front Desk 10 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Any equipment not returned by closing of the building will be billed as lost equipment.

Lounge and Food Guidelines

  • Water in a plastic or metal container with a sealable lid is allowed throughout the facility. Glass containers are not allowed.
  • Food, sports drinks and water with color or supplements added are prohibited except in the lobby and lounge on the first floor (Main Level).
  • Wireless Internet access is available for use.

Fitness and Cardio Area Guidelines

  • In an effort to promote safety, reduce the spread of communicable diseases and prevent additional wear and tear on the equipment, all members and guests must adhere to the clothing standards to participate in the SRC.
  • To preserve the equipment and improve health conditions, all participants are asked to wipe down equipment after each use.
  • Please re-rack all weight plates, dumbbells, and barbells after use.
  • Weight collars must be used at all times while lifting in the squat racks. Weight collars and spotters are strongly recommended for bench, decline and incline press.
  • No lift of loaded olympic bars above the shoulders is allowed. Please use Smith Machine.
  • No dropping or rolling weight plates, dumbbells, or barbells at any time. If you cannot control the weight, enlist the help of a spotter.
  • To ensure an inclusive environment inappropriate language, loud grunting or screaming is prohibited.
  • Cardio and selectorized training equipment users must be at least 17 years old.
  • Please limit the use of cardio equipment to 30-minute sessions during peak usage time.
  • Outside personal trainers are not allowed to provide training in the SRC.
  • If a machine fails to operate correctly, do not attempt to repair or operate it. Notify a SRC staff member about the problem.
  • Equipment may not be altered, moved or removed from the Fitness Center or facility.

Power Lifting and Chalk Usage

  • The SRC was designed to accommodate students with varying interests, ability levels, and fitness backgrounds with a goal of providing opportunities to develop lifelong health and fitness habits. The intent is to provide our students with access to a variety of fitness equipment in a safe, inviting and accessible facility. Certain weight training equipment was not provided in the SRC due to space, supervision, liability, safety, and environmental concerns. The SRC is a recreation facility, not an Athletic or Olympic lifting facility.
  • Many power lifts create safety concerns for those completing them, those imitating them and surrounding users as this type of lift is more likely to get out of control. We discourage performing unsupervised, unspotted, uncontrolled, lifts with excessive weight.
  • We strongly encourage lifts that can be controlled from start to finish. Dropping the weights is harmful to our facility/equipment, including the lifter and bystanders.
  • No lift of loaded olympic bars above the shoulders is allowed.
  • All bars must remain within the racks or on selectorized frames.
  • Athletic shoes are required. No bare feet lifting. No open toed shoes allowed.
  • Chains are not allowed, but many of our pieces of strength equipment have been designed to accommodate bands. Please ensure the bands being used are designed specifically for the lifts you are attempting.
  • Use of chalk is not allowed. Chalk creates a large cleanliness issue in the facility and an issue for the mechanics of the equipment including weight stacks, cables and bar grips. Chalk, or better defined as talc, can also create respiratory issues for many individuals.
  • Encouraged alternatives to weight lifting chalk are weightlifting gloves, weightlifters’ wrist straps, a sheet of inner-tube rubber wrapped around the bar and weight lifting hooks.

Power Rack and Platform Guidelines

  • Guidelines may be adjusted by staff if any abuse of equipment or perceived endangerment is viewed.
  • Weight belt should be used when approaching or exceeding 70% of your personal maximum lifting capability. Weight belts are available at the SRC front desk.
  • No outside weights permitted in the Student Recreation Center.
  • Lifts not permitted are snatch, clean and jerk, or any lifts which involves one end of the barbell in a corner (landmine). Lifting loaded olympic bar above head is prohibited.
  • No dropping weights of any kind is allowed.
  • Any approved lift which goes over an individual’s head requires the safety catch bars on the Smith Machine to be in place.
  • Due to the injury possibilities presented by these exercises, a limit of 400lbs maximum is placed on the weight bar at one time.

Dumbbell and Barbell Usage Guidelines

  • Dumbbells and barbells are not to be dropped from any height, slammed down or thrown down. Weights should not bounce off the ground at any time.
  • Users should not rest dumbbells or barbells on top of the upholstery padding. Weights should be placed on the ground between sets.
  • All dumbbells and barbells must be put back on their designated racks after use. Return all dumbbells and barbells to correct location on dumbbell or barbell rack after using.
  • Please wipe down all bench upholstery after use to help reduce the spread of diseases.

Alternate Training Guidelines

  • Blood flow restriction training is not permitted in Campus Recreation facilities.

Lower Court Guidelines

In order for the basketball structures to sustain a 30-year lifetime expectancy before replacement, the basketball hoop, backboard, and support system will require limited stress placed upon the entire system.

  • Dunking is permitted only during the participation in a Campus Recreation organized game.
  • Dunking while not engaged in a game (as defined above) is prohibited.
  • Hanging on the rim (defined as holding the rim down for longer than one second) is prohibited.
  • Tape is not allowed on gym floors or walls.
  • Do not move any equipment already set up on the courts. Information regarding the daily activities and schedules are posted within the gymnasium.
  • Do not prop any outside doors open, door alarms are activated.
  • Gyms are intended for basketball, volleyball, badminton and pickleball. Other activities are not approved, unless organized by a Campus Recreation programming area.
  • No personal items are allowed on the playing floor. Place items on the open bench, cubbies or in the locker rooms.
  • Wear proper athletic shoes. No flip flop, street shoes or black marking soles are allowed.

Multi-purpose Room Guidelines

  • For health/sanitation reasons, bare feet are not allowed anywhere except:
    • During SRC instructed fitness classes only in the multi-purpose studios
  • Non-marking shoes are required in multi-purpose rooms.
  • Equipment (sharp or otherwise) that may damage the floor, mats, or mirrors is not permitted.
  • No Weight Room dumbbells or plates allowed in multipurpose room.
  • Use caution to avoid contact with the mirror.
  • Patrons may only utilize multi-purpose room equipment if the room is not in use by a scheduled program.
  • Rooms may be kept locked, and patrons must ask staff for assistance.
  • Rosin powder, wax, or other substances which would alter the floor surface are strictly prohibited.
  • We recommend that patrons utilize the jump ropes in the multi-purpose rooms.

Indoor Track Guidelines

  • 15 laps = mile
  • Run and/or walk counterclockwise on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Run and/or walk clockwise on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Enter the track with caution.
  • Inner lane is reserved for walkers or individuals doing lunges without weights (slow).
  • Outer lane is reserved for runners (fast).
  • Faster runners have the right of way.
  • Pass others on the outside.
  • When walking, please use only inner lane, no walkers abreast due to the limited track width.
  • Non-marking, closed toe athletic shoes are recommended in this area; no sandals or bare feet.
  • Please respect others; no spitting.
  • Use of jump ropes, dumbbells, medicine balls, free weight plates or barbells is not permitted on the track and the stretching areas in the track corners on the main floor.
  • Items and activities prohibited on the track:
    • Standing, watching Lower Level activities or blocking lanes in any way.
    • Using railings as stretching aids.
    • Due to the risk of injury dumbbells, medicine balls, free weight plates or barbells are not allowed while walking/running/doing lunges in the lanes of the track.
    • Watching Lower Level activity from the track (Exceptions may be made in advance for special internal events).

Climbing Center Guidelines

  • Climbers must have a current SRC Assumption of Risk Form, SRC Guidelines Acknowledgement and Climbing Center Guidelines Statement on file in order to participate.
  • Loose chalk is not permitted at the SOU climbing wall.
  • Climbers must check-in at the OP Desk and obtain the appropriate climbing pass (Bouldering, Top-Rope Belay or Lead Climb and Belay) before and after each visit to the climbing wall.
  • Climbing passes must be worn by the climber issued to and visible at all times.
  • Lending a climbing pass to others is strictly prohibited.
  • Climbers may use personal climbing equipment such as harnesses, shoes, belay devices, carabineers, and lead ropes at their own risk. Outdoor Program staff reserve the right to restrict use of equipment that is judged to be inappropriate or in poor condition.
  • The figure 8 follow-through cleanly dressed with 6” to 8” tail is the only accepted tie-in knot outside of academic courses being taught.
  • Climbers should; tuck in loose clothing, tie back long hair, empty pockets, remove jewelry, gum, and candy before climbing.
  • Shoes are required when climbing. No Five Finger Style shoes.
  • Climbers and belayers are asked to perform a check of tie-in knot, harnesses and belay systems prior to each climb.
  • Do not drop or throw carabineers and/or belay devices and do not step on ropes.
  • In order to reduce the risk of a hazardous swing stay on route.
  • Never climb above the top anchors or adjust the anchor system.
  • Climbing without appropriate supervision is prohibited. Climbing is allowed only when the Climbing Center is open and staffed with Climbing Center Student Staff or the instructor on record for academic classes.
  • While on lead, climbers must clip all available protection – skipping clips is not permitted.
  • Never climb above or below other climbers.
  • Spotting is recommended for bouldering.
  • All belaying must be conducted from a standing position.
  • Report all loose handholds and other problems to the Climbing Center staff.
  • Keep fingers, hands, and body parts clear of all hardware (including quicklinks, quickdraws, carabineers, and bolts).
  • Climbers may be reassessed at any point if they fail to adhere to belay assessment requirements. Staff can ask for a retest at their discretion.
  • Failure to adhere to Climbing Center guidelines addressed in this policy statement may result in loss of SRC privileges.
  • Helmets are only required during rout setting. Helmets not required during open gym hours.

Outdoor Program Storage and Tuning

The doors to this area are not to be used for SRC access or circulation. All access to the SRC is to be through the SRC lobby. These doors are for equipment dropped off and picked up only. Renterence to the SRC must be through the SRC lobby.

Personal Training and Instruction

  • Due to the lack of oversight, unsafe and unstructured workouts the SRC does not allow personal training.
  • Instruction for pay or trade by outside entities is strictly prohibited and could jeopardize membership privileges for all parties involved.


Code of Conduct

Campus Recreation is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for patrons. The staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where all members and guests can enjoy the facilities and programs free from the following behaviors:

  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Failure to adhere to facility policies and procedures
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption or illegal drug use
  • Fighting, taunting, or making threatening remarks or gestures
  • Spitting
  • Horseplay that risks the safety of participants or others
  • Mistreatment of dumbbells, weights, or any other equipment
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in a public setting
  • Obscene or indecent clothing
  • Any disruption to the progress of a sanctioned activity
  • Unsporting conduct
  • Obtaining entrance under false pretense

Behavior and Personal Safety

Patrons are expected to display acceptable social behavior while recreating in any of the Campus Recreation facilities.

  • Abuse of staff in any form is not tolerated and will result in expulsion and exclusion for a period of time deemed appropriate by the Campus Recreation Department and Student Conduct.
  • Not all rules are posted.
  • If SRC staff asks your cooperation, please adjust your behavior and make a recommendation to SRC Administration at a later date for changes you feel might be necessary.
  • Uncooperative patrons will be asked to leave the facilities and will be excluded from its use until deemed appropriate by Student Conduct.
  • The SRC reserves the right to take whatever action necessary to preserve the safety and integrity of its facilities and programs.
  • Fighting is not tolerated and will result in an immediate call to Campus Public Safety and Ashland Police.
  • Please help maintain a secure environment by watching your valuables carefully and notifying staff if you see something out of the ordinary.
  • The SRC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All acts that are considered violations of the SOU Student Code of Conduct shall be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action.
  • The SRC has an announcement system to alert patrons to the end of operational hours. All patrons are expected to be prepared to exit the facility after the announcement that the facility is closed. Individuals who delay their exit from the facility may lose membership privileges.
  • When using the SRC please consider your own health history, seek counsel from your health provider, and use common sense. In case of an accident or illness, notify a SRC employee immediately. Your assistance promoting safety is greatly appreciated.
  • Participation is at your own personal risk.

Misconduct and Ejection Policy

If a participant(s) or spectator(s) in a Campus Recreation program or facility are ejected or suspended from any facility (indoor or outdoor), program, contest, or activity, they are immediately ineligible for further access or competition in any Campus Recreation program or facility until they are cleared by both Office of Student Conduct and the Campus Recreation Assistant Director/Coordinator responsible for the program in which the misconduct and/or ejection occurred. Furthermore, any participant or spectator who violates Southern Oregon University and/or Campus Recreation policies and procedures may also be suspended until they are cleared by the Campus Recreation Assistant Director/Coordinator responsible for the program in which the misconduct occurs.

It is the participant’s responsibility to schedule an appointment with the appropriate Assistant Director/Coordinator to review their behavior and subsequent eligibility to participate in any Campus Recreation program or to utilize facilities after completing the Office of Student Conduct requirements. Participant suspensions are determined during the meeting with the Assistant Director/Coordinator (i.e., self-imposed penalties are not considered). Assistant Director and Coordinator’s decisions may be appealed to the Campus Recreation Director; however, suspensions remain in force during the appeal process.

Anyone who commits, incites, or aids others in committing any of the following acts of unsportsmanlike or misconduct shall be subjected to disciplinary procedures after any sanctions provided by the Office of Student Conduct.

  • Hitting, striking, or pushing a Campus Recreation employee (student or professional)
    Disciplinary Action: Indefinite suspension from Campus Recreation programs and/or facilities. Petition for reinstatement will be considered by the appropriate Assistant Director/Coordinator after a minimum of one calendar year.
  • Hitting, striking, or pushing another participant, spectator, user, member, or guest
    Disciplinary Action: Indefinite suspension from Campus Recreation programs and/or facilities. Petition for reinstatement will be considered by the appropriate Assistant Director/Coordinator after a minimum of one calendar year.
  • Threatening physical harm towards a Campus Recreation employee (student or professional), participant, user, member, guest, or spectator
    Disciplinary Action: Indefinite suspension from Campus Recreation facilities and/or programs for a minimum of one term.
  • Verbally abusing, swearing or defaming a Campus Recreation employee (student or professional), participant, user, guest, or member
    Disciplinary Action: Indefinite suspension from Campus Recreation programs and/or facilities for a minimum of one month.
  • Acting in a way which would cause equipment or facility damage (including spitting, snorting, screaming), and/or injury to a person
    Disciplinary Action: Indefinite suspension from Campus Recreation programs and/or facilities for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Failing to cooperate and respond honestly to injuries or requests for assistance in identifying individuals who may be involved in incidents
    Disciplinary Action: Indefinite suspension from Campus Recreation programs and/or facilities for the individual and/or their team, club, or organization.
  • Entering, using, or accessing any facility or program illegally such as using an assumed name or a SOU ID card illegally/inappropriately
    Disciplinary Action: Indefinite suspension from Campus Recreation programs and/or facilities for a minimum of one week. Possibility of membership revocation.
  • Personal conduct situations that are not covered by other provisions not stated in the above items will be dealt with in an appropriate manner by the Assistant Director/Director. Any incident of unsportsmanlike or inappropriate behavior will be forwarded to Student Conduct and/or Campus Public Safety for additional appropriate action.
  • All acts that are considered violations of the SOU Student Code of Conduct shall be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action.

Clothing Standards

In an effort to promote safety, reduce the spread of communicable diseases, and to prevent additional wear and tear on the facility/equipment, all members and guests must adhere to the clothing standards to participate in the SRC.

  • Attire must cover chest, abdomen, back and side areas from hip to armpit.
  • Shorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks and groin while exercising or moving.
  • Trousers and shorts must be free of rivets, zippers or buttons to be in the cardio/weight areas.
  • For health/sanitation reasons, bare feet are not allowed anywhere except:
    • Locker rooms
    • During SRC instructed fitness classes only in the multi-purpose studios
  • Non-marking shoes are required in multi-purpose rooms.
  • Sandals, clogs, crocs and other open-toe shoes are permitted in the lobby only.
  • Vibram Five Finger shoes (and other similar shoes) are permitted to be worn throughout the SRC, excluding the climbing area. Patrons choosing to wear such shoes while using the SRC do so at their own risk.
  • Due to increased risk of injury, it is recommended that jewelry be removed prior to participating in any activities or before utilizing any equipment in the fitness areas.
  • SRC staff reserves the right to determine if attire and footwear meets clothing standards and may deny access to anyone.

Bags and Personal Items

  • Please store all items (personal, gym or book bags, sweatshirts, coats, etc) in a locker, on a wall hook or cubby. Open faced cubbies are available throughout the facility or day lockers are available in both locker rooms.
  • Campus Recreation staff shall not hold equipment, valuables, skateboards or bags for patrons or guest.
  • Unattended items will be collected and considered lost if they are not stored in a cubby or locker. Please visit the Front Desk for lost and found items.
  • Due to the lack of space and to limit possible hazards in the cardio and free weight area items are not allowed.
  • Personal items, such as sweatshirts and additional articles of clothing, should not hang on cardiovascular and weight equipment. Items can fall and become lodged in moving equipment, such as treadmills.
  • Lost and found items will be stored at the SRC Front Desk for one week before being relocated to Stevenson Union.

Bicycles and Other Wheeled Vehicles

  • The SRC supports the use of alternative transportation; however, wheeled vehicles (e.g., bicycles, skates, skateboards, longboards and scooters) are prohibited in the SRC.
  • Bicycles, skateboards and longboards may be parked in the racks provided outside at the owner’s risk. Bicycles and scooters locked to fences, handrails, or signs risk being removed.
  • Skates and foldable scooters carried into the building must be stored in a locker.

Cell Phones and Paging

  • The use of cell phones are permitted inside the SRC lobby and lounge areas, provided they do not interfere with others’ enjoyment of the facility.
  • Cell phone use for talking or photography is not permitted while using equipment or during activities.
  • Due to privacy concerns and in fairness to other patrons, cell phone use is not allowed in activity (ex. cardio floor, weight room) areas or locker rooms and may be confiscated if inappropriate use is suspected.
  • A “Media Release” must be completed at the SRC front desk prior to pictures being taken within the SRC facility.
  • Pictures taken during tours will not require a “Media Release” as long as the picture is of specific things (ex. climbing wall, racquetball courts) and there are not patrons in the picture.
  • If there is an emergency and a patron must be reached, please contact the SRC Front Desk.

Electronic Surveillance

  • For your safety and security, video cameras that can be monitored are located throughout activity areas of the SRC (not in locker rooms, restrooms, or changing areas).

Photography and Video

The intent of this policy is to maintain respect for the rights and privacy of our members and guests by preventing pictures without their consent. The following must be completed in order to record or take pictures within the SRC:

  • Individuals wishing to take pictures or use a recording device in the SRC must have approval from the Campus Recreation staff.
  • Please visit the SRC Front Desk and ask for a “Media Release”.
  • Permission may be granted for video/audio taping of the general facility only.
  • Members and/or guests involved in individual workouts such as weight lifting, dance, cardiovascular exercise and/or climbing cannot be photographed except as they appear in the background of a facility area. Unless assigned for an academic course or are apart of the Campus Recreation activities or programs.
  • No close-up pictures allowed.
  • No member may be singled out for recording purposes without their written consent documented on a SOU model release or group model release form.
  • Complaints from members regarding any aspect related to the production of recordings in the SRC will result in termination of the recording process and forfeiture of the actual video (camera, phone) or memory card.
  • The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to have the recordings made in our facilities removed from all viewing formats if a representative of the SRC Administrative staff determines that the standards of this agreement have been violated.

Disability Access

  • It is the policy and practice of the SRC to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, state and local requirements regarding people with disabilities. Under these laws, no qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to or participation in services, programs, and activities of the SRC.
  • Participants are encouraged to contact Disability Resources to request an accommodation in order to participate in SRC activities or if they feel an accommodation is not being met.


  • Only service animals are permitted to enter the SRC—all others are prohibited. For more information, please see SOU's Assistance Animal Policy.
  • Safety considerations apply to service animals. If a service animal cannot accompany a handler due to direct safety concerns, other accommodations can be provided to allow the individual access to the location or activity.


  • The SRC is equipped with an elevator providing access between the lower and second levels of the facility.

Emergencies and Evacuation Procedures

  • In the event of a serious emergency, the SRC staff will direct patrons to a safe location.
  • For your safety, and the safety of others, please follow all instructions given by staff.
  • Disregard of posted emergency exit rules will result in suspension of membership privileges.

Entrance and Exit

  • The SRC is a single entry/exit facility: use the turnstiles located on the main level for both entering and exiting the SRC.
  • Other exits are for emergency use only and are monitored with alarms.


  • Water in a clear plastic or metal container with a sealable lid is allowed throughout the facility. Glass containers are not allowed.
  • Food, sports drinks and water with color or supplements added are prohibited except on the first floor (Main Level).
  • Chewing gum is prohibited within the facility.
  • Anyone exhibiting signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance will be reported to Campus Public Safety.


  • Smoking, “vaping,” and tobacco use is prohibited in the SRC.
  • Any individual who violates this policy may be subject to sanctions under the code of Student Conduct, discipline from Human Resources or membership cancellation.


  • Limit your personal music to headphones at appropriate volumes.
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers, laptops, tablets or cell phone are not permitted in common workout or court areas.
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers, laptops, tablets and cell phones are allowed in the multi-purpose rooms for practice sessions as long as it does not interfere with others using the room. SRC staff does have the right to ask individuals to turn down or turn off the music.

Advertising, Solicitation and Publicity

  • Flyers or posters are rarely posted within the facility without the approval of the Marketing Office.
  • Flyers are not permitted at the SRC Front Desk.
  • Tape is not allowed on painted surfaces or gym floors.
  • No flyers or posters are permitted on the exterior of the building.
  • Off-campus advertising is not permitted.
  • Solicitation is not allowed in or around the SRC without permission from Campus Recreation or SOU Administration .
  • The SRC may not be used for private or commercial purposes unless such activity has been approved by Campus Recreation Administration. Examples of prohibited activity include, but are not limited to: personal training, private instruction, sales, solicitation, etc.

Comments and Concerns

  • Please direct comments and concerns to the SRC Front Desk

Lost and Found

  • Please contact the SRC Front Desk regarding lost or missing items.
  • Lost items will be kept for up to one week; items that remain unclaimed will be sent to University Public Safety.
  • SRC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All unclaimed ID’s will be sent to the Campus Public Safety at the end of each week.

Removal from Facility or Program

  • The SRC reserves the right to eject/remove anyone whose behavior is violates the code of conduct or behavior or personal safety policies.
  • An individual who has been ejected/removed must leave the facility (defined as completely outside the exterior doors) and may only return if they have an academic commitment in a portion of the SRC.
  • In such cases, membership privileges will be revoked without a refund.

Gender-Inclusive and Family Changing Room

  • Children aged 4 years and older are not permitted in the locker room of the opposite sex. However, the SRC does have one family changing/shower room as another option.
  • These rooms are also available to anyone needing special assistance or desiring a private changing area.