The journal looks forward to reviewing your work. We ask you complete the following three steps for consideration:

  1. Format your research to match the MLA/ASA/APY citation styles.
  2. Complete the RJUR Application
  3. Email your research to with the subject formated as: Last Name, First Name: Title of Research
  4. Any research involving human subjects, including surveys, focus groups and interviews, requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval. Process and instructions can be found at Contact Deborah Hofer at 541-552-8662 or for guidance.


  • Can I submit research I did for a class?
  • Can I submit a literature review?
    Yes, as long as it presents original analysis.
  • Can I submit now?
    Yes! You can submit anytime, we'll try and get you in the upcoming issue.
  • Will answering "No" to a question on your form disqualify my submission.
    No, we will still consider your application. 
  • Who will read my research?
    Your research will be reviewed by one anonymous peer, the managing editor, and one anonymous faculty member from a related discipline.
  • Will I get a copy of the Journal?
    Physical copies of this journal will be available for sale online.
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