ArtBetsyLewis - Betsy Lewis, Owner

Ashland, Oregon


Betsy Lewis has always had a passion for art. Although Betsy’s background is in law and education, she has been drawn to artists her entire life. 

In 2008, she decided that she wanted to pursue that passion and work in a field that makes her happy. It was this passion that drove her to face the risks and daunting task of starting her own business.  

Betsy decided to create a business that helps artists’ careers by helping them with the business side of being an artist. As Betsy says on her website, “I provide affordable and practical business services and produce art events designed to boost each artist’s sales and foster their artistic growth by increasing their visibility.” These services include promotion, research, and exhibitions, among other things.

Betsy began to build her new business intuitively. She did her best to keep an open mind and to learn as she worked. She learned a great deal of valuable information along the way by working like this, but eventually decided that it would be better to get some outside help as well.

First, Betsy went about getting outside help by going to orientation groups. These groups showed her how to deal with some of the more complex parts of starting a business, like registering with the state, as well as legal aspects of business operation. Next, Betsy went to the Small Business Development

Center and met with Ruthie Painter, one of the Center’s business advisors. Ruthie helped Betsy write a business plan, and also demonstrated to her how to keep track of expenses and helped Betsy set up a spending account.

Ruthie also played an important role in the creation of Art Event Productions. Ruthie, an artist and writer herself, has met regularly with Betsy throughout the last year and a half. During this time Ruthie has worked as an advisor to Betsy, and she has given her support and help with creating and operating Betsy’s business. Betsy says that she doesn’t think that she could have been successful without Ruthie’s constant help.