Business Advisor

Office: HEC 130

Phone: 541-552-8300



Presenter Leo Hull brings over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business to his work as a Restaurant Consultant/Business Advisor. As a former business owner himself, Leo started, operated, and sold three successful restaurants. He has held numerous positions in his restaurant career, from dishwasher to manager to owner. After selling his restaurants, Leo pursued a career in the financial services industry as Commercial Banker. He has held the titles of Commercial Loan Officer, Investment Licensed Banker, Commercial Credit Analyst, and Financial Adviser. He is a student of entrepreneurship and actively participates in entrepreneurial activities as Business Advisor with the SBDC and SOREDI. Leo’s presentations focus on “Less Is More,” and that profit is the combinations of focus, efficiency, and measurement. He combines his real-world experience with the analysis and planning skills developed in the financial arena in order to provide his clients with creative solutions.