Business Advisor

Office: HEC 130
Phone: 541-552-8300


Ruthie has been an entrepreneur since 1974 and a resident of the Rogue Valley since 1986. Painter opened two restaurants in the Fifth St. Public Market in Eugene, OR and was co-owner of a gourmet fast food Deli in the Rogue Valley Mall, Medford, OR for 11 years. Experience in business strategy includes: lease negotiations, design, construction, interviewing, hiring, training, collaborative team management, and the sale of businesses for profit. She has developed loan packages and received SBA funding. Other business endeavors include a literary marketing firm, and the development of a career testing program and retraining program for a Vocational Rehabilitation Firm. Painter is a certified Profit Mastery Facilitator for Business Resources Services, Inc. based in Seattle, WA, and specializes in strategies to minimize risk and maximize success.