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Having grown up on the southern Oregon coast, Amy and David White wanted to raise their four children in one of the most beautiful places on earth. A bad economy however caused layoffs, which forced David to take his young family to Salem for work. They still wanted to keep close to where they had generations of family and they wanted their children to have a hands on experience learning about entrepreneurship. So, in 2008 they purchased an empty 3,000 sq.ft. bay front home that had been for sale for years. Indeed the home was in need of adoption and a lot of love.

Weekend trips and remodeling vacations to the coast with family and friends helping on the carpentry, painting, and carpet installation transformed the home into The Western Whitehouse. They decided to offer the home as a bay front vacation rental, but they had a hit and miss pattern in booking it.

Years later, David, a job recruiter, was on the campus of Southern Oregon University when he saw a flyer that explained how SOU's Small Business Development Center could help any business. He followed up with a phone call, and though living hundreds of miles away, he learned he could schedule a free telephone business consultation with a business advisor for marketing assistance.

Amy and David spoke with business advisor, Ruthie Painter, over the phone for about forty minutes. With Ruthie Painter having real world experience in starting and marketing her own businesses, David recalls, "I was taking notes so fast during the entire conversation, I couldn't keep my hand from continually cramping up." At the end of the call they had pages and pages of homework if they were to follow Ruthie's pattern of success.

They follow Ruthie's advice to the tee, so much that they've increased sales and have the satisfaction of knowing that more people are sharing how much fun they had at The Western Whitehouse. And, their motto..."Unlike some places, what happens at The Western Whitehouse is something you would be proud to share with the world."

Amy and David are happy to share their experience with SOU's Small Business Development Center and are now considering expanding their business. If you wish to contact them, go to www.TheWesternWhitehouse.com.