A Department Purchase Card, also referred to as P-card or Procurement Card, is a U.S. Bank VISA credit card assigned to departments.  Staff assigned as users for the purchase card may check-out the card to make business related purchases.

Procurement Card Training

***PLEASE NOTE- The Moodle site will be upgraded Friday, December 15, 2017 until Tuesday, January 2, 1018.  During this time the Procurement Card Training and Test site will be unavailable.  If there is an emergency during this time, contact Brian Kinsey at 541-552-6413 or kinseyb@sou.edu.***

Prior to being issued or assigned to a procurement card, staff listed as card user, custodian, or budget authority need to take and complete the Procurement Card Training and Procurement Card Test through Moodle.  Instructions for how to enroll in the course can be found Procurement Card Test.

Departments seeking to add a new card or make changes to an existing card (eg adding or removing users or changing card custodian), must submit a completed Application and Agreement Form to the Service Center.


For more information regarding Procurement Card policy and procedures, visit here.

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How to use a P-card

  • Check-out P-card from card custodian.
  • Purchase approved items or service.
  • Receive invoice/receipt for items or service (purchase of food items requires itemized receipt).
  • Complete appropriate paperwork, if necessary.  For example, hosting guest or meals at meeting form.
  • Return P-card and invoice/receipt with associated paperwork to the card custodian.

Statement Cutoff Dates

Procurement card purchases