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April 2019

Campus Training Series:

Don't forget about the Campus Training Series! This series focuses on procedures and policies around business and administrative topics. The four rotating topics are:

  • Business Travel
  • Contracting
  • Non-travel Expenses and Reimbursements
  • Procurement Cards

One session is offered each week. For more information and registration, visit our Campus Training webpage.

Image with man writing Purchasing on glass

Purchasing and Contracting

FY19 Purchasing:

April is the month to begin preparing your end of year purchasing.  Start assembling lists of critical items needed to purchase with remaining FY18 funds.  Certain expenditures can take weeks, if not a month or more.  Remember, if items are received July 1 or after, they will be expensed to FY20, even if the purchase was made prior to that date.  Plan early to avoid delays and errors.  If you have questions about purchases, contact

Purchasing Airfare:

When purchasing airfare for travel there are several items to keep in mind:

  • Purchase of airfare is typically non-refundable. There may be a few cases where a partial refund or credit is given, but this can be rare.
  • Airfare purchased with personal funds may be reimbursed in advance of the trip. However, if reimbursement is issued in advance, the trip is subsequently canceled, and there is a partial refund or credit given to the individual, that portion of the payment will need to be refunded to the institution. Support Specialists will track and confirm with traveler that the trip was taken.
  • Use of the Institutional Travel Card to pay for airfare cannot be done on personal accounts (e.g. airline, travel website, etc.). In case of cancellation, any credit issued must be associated with the University and not the individual. It is recommended that airfare being paid with the Institutional Travel Card is done using a travel agency where SOU can manage and re-allocate any credits.
  • It is highly recommended that non-employee airfare be purchased by the individual and reimbursed. In cases of cancellation by the individual, they should bear the cost of the ticket.

End of Year Celebrations and Recognitions

As we approach the end of the academic year, departments will want to celebrate many achievements, such as retirements or graduations.  Here are a few reminders about policies to help you celebrate and congratulate:

  • Employees: Everyone wants to thank and congratulate our employees for the service they've provided to SOU.  If departments would like to celebrate SOU employees with a reception or gift, please either use agency funds (fund codes beginning with "9"), foundation funds, or a collection of private funds.  Use of SOU funds, including gift funds, is prohibited.  See policy on Employee Recognition and Retirement Expenses.

  • Students: If you plan to recognize students using SOU funds, make sure that you review the Non-travel Meals, Refreshments, and Hospitality Expenses procedure. If you have any questions about what is allowable, please contact the Service Center.

Gift Card Policy:

If you plan to purchase gift cards or certificates, review the Campus Use of Gift Certificates policy. Contact your Service Center Support Specialist with any questions.

A'viands Waivers:

A reminder that A'viands must approve of any external or third party catering for Ashland Campus events. To request a waiver, please complete and submit the Food Service Approval Form a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the event.

FY20 Retainer Program:

The Service Center will begin the retainer program process for FY20. This is a good opportunity to bring onboard any vendor SOU uses often throughout the fiscal year.  If you have vendors you would like to include in the notification for participation, please email  The retainer list is posted on the Service Center Vendor Information webpage.

Image of man writing People on glass

Personnel Support

Minimum Wage Increase:

Oregon's minimum wage rate for Jackson County will increase from $10.75 to $11.25 per hour effective July 1, 2019. For more information, please visit the Oregon Minimum Wage Rate Summary.


 Image of calculator and pen on top of some receipts

Accounting and Budget 

FY19 Account Balances and Purchasing:

April is a great time to check account balances in preparation for end of fiscal year purchasing.  Your Service Center Accountant can assist you with updated account balances to ensure you have enough funds for those FY19 critical purchases.  Don't wait until June.  Start planning now for a smooth and error free end of fiscal year.

Pre-paid Expenses:

Travel or other expenses being paid currently but take place in or are received after July 1, 2019 will be expensed in FY20.  The expenses are considered pre-paid and will be moved to FY20 after the end of the fiscal year.  For example, Brenda submits an $800 reimbursement for airfare purchased for a trip taking place from July 15 - 25, 2019.  Since the travel takes place after July 1 it is considered an FY20 expense.  Brenda will be reimbursed the $800 now with that expense being placed as a pre-paid expense to be moved into FY20 after the change over from the fiscal year.


Image of computer keyboard key labeled support.

Support Services

Scantron Conversion Update:

Conversion from Scantron to Akindi is taking place. If you are using Scantron, or plan to use Scantron, please plan to move to Akindi.

For information on how to use Akindi, contact Hart Wilson or Bill Bateman in the Center for Instructional Support.

Spring Term Staff and Faculty Bus Passes:

Spring term bus passes are available for eligible staff and faculty.  To request a pass, please send an email from your SOU email account to  In the email give your name, email you TouchPass account is associated with, and request for spring staff and faculty bus pass. 

If you would like to participate in the program but have not done so, you may learn more on the Service Center Bus Passes webpage

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