Scantron forms are sheets of paper used for exams.  The Service Center processes the grading of these exams for faculty who utilize the technology and sells reams of scantron forms to departments. 


Scantron Grading- May be delivered in a sealed envelope either by hand or through campus mail to the Service Center front counter.

Scantron Form Ordering- May be picked-up at the Service Center front counter.


Service Center processing and form pick-up is Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Scantron Grading- Must be delivered in a sealed envelope.  Envelope must be labeled clearly with:

  • instructor's name
  • department
  • phone number
  • indicate exam pick-up method: either via campus mail or picked-up in Service Center during business hours.

A completed and accurate Scantron Cover Sheet must be included with the tests.

Scantron Form Ordering- Orders for reams of scantron form can be picked-up at the  Service Center front counter with a completed Order Form during regular business hours.

Information and Policy:

Scantron Grading- Results of grading will be sent to the instructor via email in PDF format.  Reports are no longer printed.

Scantron Form Ordering- Forms come in reams of 500.  Cost is $65/ream.  To pick-up a ream, a completed and signed Order Form must be presented.


Scantron Cover Sheet

Order Form