To be a student employee you must:

  • Enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours for undergraduate or 5 credit hours for graduate students.
  • Be enrolled the term you are working.
  • For Summer term employment, must be enrolled in at least minimum amount of credits during previous or upcoming Fall term.

Looking for Campus Employment

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Hiring Process

Work Study and Non-Work Study

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PEAK Employment Process Page 1

Employment Paperwork

  1. Complete paperwork.
  2. Come to the Service Center with the following:
    • For W-2: Original Social Security Card.
    • For Direct Deposit: Voided check or official letter from bank indicating routing and account information.
    • For I-9: Current, original document(s) [either one (1) from List A or one (1) each from List B and C] as indicated on the List of Acceptable Documents.
  3. With Service Center representative, complete remaining paperwork.
  4. Once paperwork is completed, Service Center representative will give you a Work Referral Form.
  5. Take Work Referral Form to Supervisor.

Employment Information

Maximum Hours of Employment

Student Employees are students first and foremost and, in recognition of this, are limited to working 20 hours per week (total for all departments) during any week in which regular classes are scheduled. In emergency situations that require the specialized skills of a Student Employee, it is permissible for a Student Employee to work up to 30 hours per week for a limited duration (under thirty days). The supervisor must provide written rational for this exception and obtain approval from the Service Center before the Student Employee works the additional hours. Due to federal work-study and visa requirements for international students, these positions may not work more than 20 hours per week.

During quarter breaks in which no classes or examinations are scheduled, or during quarters in which the student is not enrolled but has been approved to work, a Student Employee may work a maximum of 40 hours in a week. Student Employees shall not be authorized to work overtime.


Non-Federal Work Study Student Employee positions are eligible for sick leave. Any sick leave taken counts as hours worked in the week. In some instances, the supervisor can reschedule work during the week so that the student does not miss any working hours and sick leave will not be taken. For additional information, please visit https://inside.sou.edu/hrs/oregon-sick-time-law.html. The supervisor should provide instructions for reporting absences according to procedures established by the department. Unforeseen absences due to illness or other uncontrollable circumstances should be reported immediately. Planned absences should be arranged in advance and approved by the supervisor.

Employment for Minors (ages 14-17)

The employment of Student Employees who are between the ages of 14-17, require compliance with child labor laws. For additional information, please visit the Bureau of Labor (BOLI) regulations. Proof of age must be verified (i.e. original passport, driver's license or birth certificate).

General Working Conditions

  • Benefits - Student Employees are not eligible for paid holiday, vacation, unemployment insurance, medical benefits or permanent status. It is important to note that violations of the maximum hours of employment may make a position eligible for benefits under the Affordable Care Act. For additional information, please visit https://inside.sou.edu/hrs/aca.html.
  • Workers’ Compensation - Student employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance if injured during work hours and in the course of employment. All injuries must be reported immediately to the supervisor. For additional information, please visit https://inside.sou.edu/hrs/workerscompensation.html.
  • Rest Periods – Student Employees working a consecutive 4-hour work period may take one paid 10-minute break (15 minutes for a minor). Students working 6 or more hours in one work period must observe an unpaid meal break of not less than 30 minutes. Students working a full 8-hour day are entitled to receive at least a 30-minute unpaid meal period and two paid 10-minutes rest breaks (15 minutes for a minor). Students working less than 4 consecutive hours are not entitled to a break. Supervisors may determine when breaks are to be taken. Breaks may not be saved, grouped together, or added to end of the work shift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Work Referral Form?

The work referral form acts as the hiring contract and position description for the position.  Once completed and returned to the Service Center, the job is created giving the employee access to time keeping and set-up for payroll.  Work referrals are good until the end of the last pay period for the current fiscal year (June 12th) or if a position type is changed (eg moving from a work study to a non-work study position or vice versa).  A new work referral form is required if work continues past June 12th or if position type changes.

What are the differences between work study, non-work study, and PEAK?

Work Study- Pay for the position comes from federal work study monies as part of the student's Financial Aid award package.  If work study is not awarded, a student cannot use this funding and, therefore, cannot be hired if the position requires work study.  If you work as a non-work-study student and are switching to work-study at any point during the academic year, you will need to get a new referral. You are encouraged to get a new referral as soon as possible as Financial Aid will receive a copy from the Service Center and reconcile your award records.  Financial Aid will start to cancel work-study awards towards the end of October if they haven't received a completed work-study referral.

Non-Work Study- Pay for the position comes from the hiring department's budget and is not tied to federal work study.  These positions are also referred to as regular pay and do not have the same restrictions as work study. 

PEAK Students- Pay for the position comes from special funding specifically allocated to approved PEAK positions, for which departments apply for and receive.  PEAK students will need to pick up their referral forms from Max Brooks, Career Preparation Coordinator.  If you are a new student worker please refer to the New Student Workers section above. Students should email Max to set up a time to pick up their referral brooksm@sou.edu.

Do I have to complete employment paperwork if I've previously worked on campus?

All new student employees, those who have never worked on-campus, must completed employment paperwork prior to working.

Students who have worked for SOU previously do not need to complete new employment paperwork if it is within one year of the last pay event, unless there are updates to W-4, Address, and/or Direct Deposit.  All students starting a new position, or continuing a position after June 12th, will need to come to the Service Center for a work referral form.

Can I have more than one campus job?

Yes.  Each position on campus requires a Student Referral except in certain instances which will be determined by the staff member issuing the Referral.  If a student has two Work Study positions, their work study award must be divided between the positions.  The student determines the split amount.  Student workers are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week when enrolled in classes.

Can I work during the Summer?

Yes, if you have completed 6 credits or more (5 for Graduate students) in the prior Spring term, are taking 6 or more credits during Summer term, or are registered for 6 or more credits for next Fall term.  If you worked on or after June 13th, you will need a new work referral.  Your summer referral is good for the entire school year and you will not need to get a new one in the Fall unless you are switching between position types during the academic year.

How do I update my employment information?

Use the links below to update your W-4 (tax withholdings), Payroll Address, or to add/change direct deposit information.

W-4 Form

Address Change Form

Direct Deposit Form

Forms are turned into the Service Center.

{What are my pay periods and when do I get paid?|closed}

Student employee pay period is from the 13th of one month to the 12th of the next month.  Pay for that pay period is on the last business day of the second month.  For more information see the Time Sheets or Web Time Entry webpages.

{How do I get paid?|closed}

  • Direct Deposit is highly recommended.  You can even deposit into your Higher One account. Funds are deposited into your bank/Higher One account on payday. Forms are available in the Service Center.
  • Picking up your paycheck: If you do not have direct deposit please bring a photo I.D. to the Service Center to pick up your paycheck on pay day.
  • Access your earnings statement via Banner Self Service through Student SISWeb
  • Contact Paige Jensen at pjensen@sou.edu or Lori Courtney at Courtney@sou.edu with any Payroll questions.


Resources and information for supervisors of student employees may be found on the Student Employee Supervisor Training Moodle site.  Instructions for how to enroll are as follows:

supervisors self enrollment


Web Time Entry


Career Connections

Employment Forms

Information Form (online)

W-4 Form (PDF)

Address Change Form (PDF)

Direct Deposit Form (PDF)