12 Passenger Van Certification

To be eligible to drive 12 passenger vans (SOU motor pool vans or rented 12 passenger vans), you must complete these steps:

  • Be driver's cleared.
  • Watch the video below or review the PDF.
  • Pass the Van Certification Test with an 80% or better.
  • Complete hands-on driving test with SOU Motor pool (an email with contact details will be sent once Van Certification Test is passed).




*Special thanks to Robert Allen, Dempsey Burtraw, Junie Maupin, and Frank Nora for development of this video.

Van Certification Test

You must receive an 80% or above to pass and you may only take this exam three times before being disqualified.  Once successfully passed, you will receive an email with SOU motor pool contact information to schedule the hands-on driving portion of the test.

To view this test you must be logged into your SOU Gmail account.

 If you have any questions regarding van rentals, please contact the Service Center at 541-552-6700.